Who is He? History and Relation to Taliban

There are many issues in Afghanistan that cannot be controlled. The president of Afghanistan left Afghanistan in just two hours. The military attacked Kabul and destroyed the Capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. Kabul’s city surrounded the insurgents Sunday. The fall of the Afghanistan government is therefore certain. Everybody is eager to see who the next president will be Afghanistan New President ? The rule of the insurgents has been broken within the Country.

Afghanistan New President

Thus, the order of these groups is being implemented for its first step in more than two decades. As a result, President Ashraf Ghani and Cabinet members have left the home country. But, the militants associated with the Taliban have been able to take over Kabul city. This is why the citizens have been faced with many challenges with this action.

These new authorities are also targeting the population of Afghanistan. This is why efforts have been launched for an airlift program to Western diplomats Afghans as well as civilians for aiding them. The President also has triggered numerous initiatives, but after the President left the country, the media have branded the President as a coward. If you want to learn more about the details regarding the current situation please read the complete article.

Who will be the Afghanistan New President

The world is waiting to find out who will become President of Afghanistan. Mullah Baradarmay be the next Afghan president. One of the founders of the Taliban. On the other hand Ashraf Ghani did has not made any public announcement about their political future.


We’re here to provide all details regarding the most recent news in Afghanistan. Additionally the Afghan Police quit their posts. This means that the Taliban will continue to keep the peace and order in the country. Security forces operating within the country have been demoralized after the militants of the Taliban’s took over the majority of the country within just a few days.

Initially the Taliban have stated that they would not enter Kabul, the Capital of Afghanistan i.e Kabul. Then they altered their plans. Today in Afghanistan major changes have taken place since the Taliban’s entry into Kabul city. They have also recently released an announcement to stop chaos and loot in the country, the top officials such as Islamic Emirate have asked mujahedeen to manage abandoned areas.

Afghanistan New President Relations with Taliban

The most important thing is that the soldiers are not going to disturb any civilians or military officials of the country. As a result, many Afghans are seeking to flee together with American forces that must take control of the evacuation process. The conditions have become a bit strange due to the militants of Taliban combine with Uniformed Afghan groups.

Following the impact of these Taliban fighters the main road that leads to Kabul airport is now filled with Afghan residents. 2001 was the year that it was reported that the Taliban forces were disbanded from Afghanistan because they were still in the position of power. The detached program was mostly taken place by the US-led forces. However, in the last several months, the different sections of Taliban have shown a lack of respect. This is why they have taken over power.


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Then , in 2018, the Taliban groups will have to speak directly with America. Then, in 2020 then, in 2020, the Taliban and Afghans will have to negotiate an agreement to end the war at Doha city. The agreement stipulates that the US must withdraw its troops. The Taliban will also refrain from attacking US Army Forces. However, the whole changes have been made by Taliban’s perspective. In the past year, they didn’t cease to attack the Afghanistan citizens and its security personnel.

We know that because of Taliban became the ruling party in Afghanistan. There should be a specific law that applies to people following that. Because of the prohibited things like Cinema as well as TV and music too. They violate all rights of the human right to live. Furthermore, girls who are greater than 10 cannot be allowed to pursue studies further. Women must wear Burkha that covers all kinds. Also, men are legally required to grow beards according to their laws.

This must be made mandatory for the people of Afghanistan. They are governed by the law that is Sharia Law. Soon, the possibility of a more difficult situation to be found in Afghan due to Taliban’s.

A few days prior to the president of the US, Joe Biden has declared that the US has been preparing for the complete withdrawal of its troops before the 11th of September. The conflict in Afghanistan is ongoing for two decades. Now, the militants have seized the largest regions of Afghanistan. They have also taken over the outskirts of Kabul which is Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.

Who is Afghanistan Next PresidentWhich?

Below are some facts to keep in mind:

  • US President Joe Biden ordered approximately 11,000 more troops for Afghanistan.
  • Ghani, Afghanistan’s President has quit the Taliban-controlled administration to end the chaos in Afghanistan.
  • The Taliban are the only way out. Residents in Kabul wait with fear for their future and resignation.
  • China also sought to establish good relations with Taliban, as the Taliban are the most serious threat.
  • Fear has caused Kabul to fall since the Taliban already have their capital cities. Already, the collapse is underway.
  • Also known as the “past of Miscalculation”, this is a term used to describe the US government’s miscalculations. It has been worsened by the lack of an exit plan.
  • Canada’s administration has declared that it would assist Afghans. There are many people who have fled to safety after the government forced them out. Based on the latest updates, there are currently 20 000 refugees.
  • Taliban control Afghanistan’s situation. Some people also voiced concern over their future.

The moment has become very dangerous as thieves, robbers and other looters all kinds have attempted to steal items from individuals trying to escape via cars. The Taliban took over Jalalabad before Kabul. Militants have taken control of the entire eastern portion of the city.

According to the President of the United States, they took this action in order for Afghanistan to remain safe. Afghanistan is experiencing a lot turmoil. We wish that Afghanistan and Afghans will be secure. Afghanistanans have always faced the question of their living conditions in the past.

Is the Taliban an imminent threat to our security?

Experts think that Taliban pose a threat to Afghans’ rights to civil and political liberties, which are guaranteed by the U.S-backed constitution. International governments warn that if the Taliban fail to defend Afghan rights they could cut aid, which could lead to a serious human rights crisis. The Observers worry also that Taliban might allow terrorists in Afghanistan to work in ways that threaten the security of the entire region.

The Taliban: A short history

Taliban, which in Pashto means “students”, was created in 1994 near Kandahar. It is located in south-central Afghanistan town of Kandahar. This group was fighting in the civil war for control of the country after the collapse of Soviet Union, and the subsequent fall of the government.

Initially, it attracted fighters from the “mujahideen” group. They were later able, with assistance from the United States and United States to defeat Soviet forces in 1980s.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in just two years. In 1996, they declared the Islamic Emirate. This was a strict definition of Islamic law. Some Mujahideen groups retreated to the northwest region of Afghanistan.

The protection of large US airstrikes protected the US-backed north forces that moved through Kabul after the terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda on September 11th, 2001.

In Afghanistan’s outskirts, the Taliban fell apart and began a 20 year insurgency against Western allies and Afghan government.

This was the founder of and first Chief of Taliban. Mullah Mohammad Omar who hid following the Taliban was overthrown. His location was so secretive that his death was finally confirmed in 2013 by his son.


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