Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Ban in India News after new rules

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are banned in India News after new guidelines and policies, with full reasons and information. Recently, India released new guidelines for intermediaries for social media platforms . They demanded all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to adhere to these guidelines. This policy was announced in February 2021, and social companies that use media were granted a months to adhere. This deadline expires this morning (25 May , 2021) and not one of the platforms has met the new rules. Twitter, Facebook Twitter as well as Instagram’s like platforms are all banned because of this.

Social Media Ban in India 2021

Perhaps you are wondering what the reason is behind why India could ban Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The good news is that we have the solution. On February 25, 2021 India has introduced stricter policies for the major social media platforms such as Twitter, FB, Whatsapp and Instagram and many others. The government urged the firms that operate on social networks to delete all content that is classified by authorities and to designate an official in the country to establish an avenue for redressing complaints.

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It was an easy task so the Indian government granted three months to social media companies to ensure compliance with the new rules. The new policies will take force on the 26th of May in 2021. Social media platforms haven’t yet been able to comply with them as of yet. Therefore, this could lead to Social Media ban in India for companies with large budgets.

Facebook Ban in India – Latest News

This is a major issue for Facebook since it has not been in compliance with the new policies. According to reports that if Facebook is not in compliance with the new policies by May 26, it could be unable to protect the intermediary’s rights and status. The government can also initiate criminal proceedings according to the law and order of India. The companies such as Facebook that are located within America have asked for a six month time period. United States of America have requested a six-month time period.

Twitter Ban in India News

It is Twitter’s most frequently used platform for sportsmen, celebrities as well as politicians and major players in the world of. Alongside Facebook as well as Instagram, Twitter was also required to comply with new policies. According to the reports, Twitter hasn’t revealed any information regarding the compliances with these updated IT policies. In the near future, this could be the reason behind Twitter Ban in India.

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Not just famous people or other even government agencies publish information on Twitter by using their own social media accounts. The problem is posted by users in a tweet, and then others tweet it back to have it listed by authorities. If Twitter is removed from India this will cause major change on the news sharing on social media platforms.

Instagram Ban in India 2021

A few readers are uncertain Some readers are unsure if Instagram is prohibited by India and if it will be banned elsewhere. We need to clarify this crystal clear, Instagram is controlled by Facebook and Facebook as well as Instagram have both failed to show any evidence of compliance with the new rules. There is no doubt that this will cause the government ban Instagram within India.

We hope it does not occur and that these firms can improve their compliance to the authorities. If anything causes an Social Media ban in India this would be a huge blow to the economic and social societies of the country.

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