Steve Forbert – The American In Me lyrics

[F] [Am] [Bb] [C](twice)

I [F]need me a destina[Am]tion
I [Bb]ain’t the kinda cat’s gon’ [C]just jump in his car an’ [F]drive [Am]
[Bb] [C]
I’m [F]usin’ my transpor[Am]tation
[Bb]so [C]then when am I going to [F]arrive? [Am] [Bb] [C]

And I guess it’s [Bb]just [C]
The [F]american in [Am]me
And I guess it’s [Bb]just [C]
The [F]way I’m apt to [Am]be
And I guess it’s [Bb]just [C]

They’re [F]stoppin’ me out on the [Am]freeway
[Bb]’n they ask of me what I [C]do and where I’m [F]bound [Am] [Bb] [C]
I [F]used to get a lot more [Am]leeway
[Bb]hey, well, [C]now I get a lot more [F]down [Am] [Bb] [C]

Repeat chorus

The off [C]ramp backed up [Bb]miles today
And the carbon [F]fumes
[F]were drifting towards the [F]sky
The [Am]sky began to [Bb]cry
And the thunder [C]booms

An’ I’m [F]back once again on the [Am]car lot
[Bb]an’ I ain’t even [C]paid for that thing I drove up in [F]yet [Am] [Bb]
[F]well, I might make a trade an’ I [Am]might not
[Bb]but I know i’ll [C]remain in [F]debt [Am] [Bb] [C]

Repeat chorus:

Harmonica solo…

Repeat chorus:

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