Mac Dre – Something You Should Know lyrics

When I got the phone call I was rollin on the interstate
Dre have you ate yet? How’s bout a dinner date?
Hmmm I don’t know, let me check my scheggie
I’m free at 8:30 pick me up when you reggie
Hopped out the Chevy
So I can freshen up
Rolled a sack in the back and put my weapon up
Poured a glass of 7-up
And ate a quick snack
Salami and swiss, piled on a Ritz crack
Called the puck bitch back
Wassup Alice?
She got the mad and said, My name’s not Alice!
Alright Alice, pick me up at my palace.
I stay in Westlin, I know you know where that is.
That’s where my dad lives, be there in a jiffy!
Threw on some 150’s and my red Ken Griffey
Tee shirt crispy
I’m dipped as usual
Shave with the Andes
Electric, reuseable
Threw in my removeable iced out grill
So when I spit my spill it’s chillie-chill
I’m really ill, really feel
Really Mac-ish
I’m waiting on a bitch
And I’m puffin on some cactus
Damn where you at bitch?
I started thinking
Baby pulled up in an Aviator Lincoln
Grab me thump tank
Cause they won’t catch me leakin
Cause pucks hang and try to bang
Every weekend
I started speakin
This a hell of a car
I said, Where we eatin?
She said, The Elephant Bar
I said, To hell if we are! I’d rather Benny Honnas
She said, What’s that for?
I said, The mini-drama
Now look lil mama
It’s a quarter to 10 I can’t be out all night
I gotta stop when the song end
Now at the restaurant
I’m feelin like the man
Spoke Japan Give me moo-goo-guy-pan
Ate drank got full and burped
I said, Alright you beezy it’s time to kirk
Dipped to her spot that was tucked in the cut
Put dick threw the cot and i busted a nut
Then I busted a nut, one mo again
Then I busted a nut, on the ho chin
Now here we go again
Another fiasco
I’m diggin her out
While I’m playin with her asshole
Fuck being bashful
Baby I’m a bash-pro
She said, Dre I’ll give you anthing you ask for
You got class hoe
Now look
Pay close attention
I’m finishing the hook

Before I give ya some more

There’s something you must know

I’m a pimp, and I got hoes

Can’t fuck for free nomore

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