M.o.d. – Rage Against The Mac Machine lyrics

Living in a country where freedom is provided
Where scumbags burn the flag, and god is not recited
Blame society and the generations past
But your principals get lost when it comes to cash

Driving down the streets of gold, for which you never fought
Hyping out everyone to fight for your cause
Blaming everyone for indians that fell
As the checks come rolling in and the t-shirts start to sell

Rage – against – the mac machine
Cashing in – sell-out hypocrites!
Corporation dollars fund your benefits
As they press up all your records
And buy your k-rock hits
You fucking hypocrites!

You want to free Tibet, because you think that Tibet’s got it bad
Fuck you, fuck Tibet, fuck your fans
Move there if you feel so sad!
Raise a lot of cash and ship it to Tibet
You hypocrites, did you forget
There’s people starving in our own backyards

Complain about the world – it’s hatred and it’s strife
Complain about the world – toxic waste, pollution, loss of life
Complain about the world – your anger is a message
A westcoast liberal, douchebag, dickhead
Millionaire’s perspective

Rage – against – ……………

Freedom – isn’t free
Freedom – isn’t free
Why do you rage against freedom?

Rage – against – ……………

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