Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Form 2021 Registration Online

Uttarakhand government launched many programs for the economic backward and marginalized residents of the area. These schemes, which were initiated by the Uttarakhand government, are designed to create jobs and improve the quality of people’s lives. Mukhyamantri Sarur Swarojgar Yojana is an initiative that was launched for the benefit of farmers who are marginal and people who are unemployed in the state.

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Form 2021

Additional information on the schemeBeneficiaries of the Mukhyamantri Sarur Swarojgar Yojana scheme are eligible to set up solar power plants in arable land. Later, the energy produced by this plant will be transferred to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited. Electricity sales will generate income for residents. In areas with poor cultivation, solar energy plants can be installed.

All who are interested in applying for the scheme may do so by filling out both the registration form and the application form. Uttarakhand has a large portion of its land that is mountainous. Some areas of the land may not be suitable for agriculture or farming. Therefore, large portions of Uttarakhand’s land remain unproductive. A lack of opportunities for employment has led to an increase in unemployment rates, making it difficult for small and marginal farmers to survive.

Uttarakhand CM Swarojgar Yojana form 2021

The state will promote self-employment in this program and people will have the opportunity to make a living. Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana, also known as Mukhyamantri Sarur Swarojgar Yojana, was introduced for the first time in 2015. The May, 2020. Only residents of Uttarakhand can apply for this scheme. This scheme was initiated by the Chief Minister Solar Loans for Self-employment. Recipients will be eligible for a loan of 8 to build solar power plants.

A 25KW solar power plant costs Rs. 10.2 Million. This will happen by both Nationalized and scheduled commercial banks, as well as cooperative banks. The scheme can be applied for online or offline. The scheme allows solar power plants of 25 KW to be assigned to people who submit an application.

UK Mukhyamantri saur swarojgar yojana

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Registration 2021

The applicant must be a citizen of the state to be eligible for this scheme. This scheme grants funding to 10,000 projects. The amount can be used year round. Candidates can submit an online application. Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) will manage it.

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Uttarakhand Saur Swarojgar Form 2021

These are the objectives of the framework

Below are the main objectives of Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana’s plan.

  • This scheme aims to promote self-employment in citizens of the state. Covid-19 has caused many people to lose their income and jobs. Farmers who had been marginalized were the hardest affected.
  • For new employment. Residents of the state moved across states to search for new opportunities. The scheme will likely stop residents from migrating to the state.
  • You can make a living by installing solar power plants in an area not suitable for agricultural use.
  • The scheme can be met by the renewable energy from solar energy plants.
  • Additionally, plans could be made for silent solar farming. Residents in the region will have another source of income. Solar panels can be used to produce energy for farmers, allowing them to grow vegetables and fruits.
  • The department which handles electricity for the state could receive the power and/or electricity generated by solar power plants.

To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria

Applicant must be eligible for participation in the scheme to become eligible. Below are the eligibility requirements for this scheme:

  • The person who applies must live in Uttarakhand to be eligible for the scheme.
  • For the scheme to work, residents of the state will need to provide evidence of their residency.
  • This scheme can be applied for by young adults over 18 years old who are actively seeking work or marginal farmers, as well as entrepreneurs.
  • The scheme is open to anyone from any state. Participation in the scheme is not contingent on education.
  • One person is allowed to own a solar energy plant.

Uttarakhand Mukhymantri Sarur Swarojgaar Yojna2021

Where can I register online for the program?

  • To be eligible to the Mukhyamantri Sharur Swarojgar Scheme Yojana, you must comply with the following steps:
  • First, you must go to
  • Select the name of the scheme from the homepage: “Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana”. Then, follow the links to register under Online Application.
  • You can now register for the Mukhyamantri Sarur Swarojgar Yogajana online in 2021 at the top.
  • To create an account on the site, you will need to log in. To do this, you will need to enter the required information, including your email address and Aadhar Card, Mobile Number District, Town, Pin Code mobile number, as well as PAN card numbers.
  • After completing all required information, applicants can log in to their account. Log in by entering your Email username/passcode.
  • You can also apply to the scheme for migrants coming from Uttarakhand’s different regions. The relevant authorities will approve them and provide their registration forms to banks for assistance.

Benefits and loans for the scheme

  • The scheme provides loans at 8% interest to beneficiaries in order to encourage the scheme and create employment.
  • Through loans, cooperative banks can repay 70% of the cost of solar power plants.
  • The beneficiary will pay any remaining money in margin money.
  • All beneficiaries of Mukhyamantri Sarur Swarojgar Yogana are eligible for grants, subsidies and any other benefit.
  • The state cooperative banks grant loans for 15-year terms.
  • A grant will be given to anyone who wishes to build a solar power station on his own, or to borrow money from the national bank.

Information about the UREDA District Office and its Officers

In Dehradun In Dehradun, In Dehradun, Mr. Vijay Singh Rawat (senior officer) from Kargi Grant PO Banjarawala, Dehradun. Mobile number 9412077205.

In Haridwar in Haridwar, in Haridwar. Ajay Kumar (Senior Officer) comes from Vikas Bhawan, Roshanabad. Mobile number 9412364903.

In Pauri In Pauri (In Pauri), Mr. Shiv Sing Mehra is the Project manager and is originally from Vikas Bhawan in Paur. Mobile number 9411157890.

In Tehri In Tehri, In Tehri. Vandana is a senior officer. Uttarkashi. Mobile number 9412864765.

Uttarakhand has declared Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yajana (mukhymNtrii svrojgaar yojnaa), to keep immigrants in their states after Coronavirus (COVID-19), locking them down. It is anticipated that this program will see the Trivendra S Rawat government in Uttarakhand encourage Lotte professionals within the state to set up their own businesses, and keep them from becoming stranded with other states.

Description Uttarakhand government has initiated Mukhyamantri’s Swarojgar Yojana (मुख्यमंत्री स्वरोजगार योजना) to ensure that migrants are kept in the state after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) locking down. This program is intended to encourage Lotte professionals in Uttarakhand to open their own businesses and prevent them being left behind by other states.

Uttarakhand Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana 2020 beneficiaries now have the ability to get loans at low rates from cooperative and nationalized banks. The cost of the project will be covered by the general category beneficiaries who must contribute 10%. As a subscriber contribution, special beneficiaries must contribute 5% to the project’s total cost.

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