Everlast – Little Miss America lyrics

It’s all been said, it’s all been done
The war is over, the battle’s won
Sour grapes, sweet revenge
Heaven starts right where hell ends
She was young, seventeen
She felt so soft she smelled so clean
Her aim was true, her heart was pure
Until the day that her daddy walked out the door
She’s lookin’ for a man and so much more
But her Uncle Sam sent him off to war


And Little Miss America, in all of your glory

She love the paparazzi, she’s tryin’ to sell her story

She’s gonna write a movie, she wanna be a star

But Little Miss America, where did you get that scar?

Desert sun, blazin’ sand

Love in my heart, gun in my hand

Lost a leg, killed a man

in mortal combat, hand to hand

Saw men killed, watched men die

so many times that I can’t cry

It’s been eighteen months since I’ve seen home

I get a purple heart, a good G.I. Loan

They say God blesses every child with his own

But we’re all gonna die in the dark alone


Back at home, it’s kind of strange

Ain’t nuttin happenin, ain’t nuttin changed

Same old rules, same old game

Still I’m haunted by the names

of all the friends, left behind

They weigh so heavy on my mind

At night I miss goin out on patrol

The desert went and turned my warm heart cold


[Repeat x6]

Where did you get the scar?

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