Ricky Montgomery – Line Without A Hook lyrics

I don’t really give a damn about the way you touch me
When we’re alone
You can hold my hand
If no one’s home
Do you like it when I’m away?
If I went and hurt my body baby
Would you love me the same?
I can feel all my bones coming back
And I’m craving motion
Mama never really learned how to live by herself
It’s a curse
And it’s growing
You’re a pond and I’m an ocean
Oh, all my emotions
Feel like explosions when you are around
And I’ve found a way to kill the sounds ohh


Baby, I am a wreck when I’m without you

I need you here to stay

I broke all my bones that day I found you

Crying at the lake

Was it something I said to make you feel like you’re a burden, oh

And if I could take it all back

I swear that I would pull you from the tide

Oh, woah, woah, woah

I said no, I said no

Listen close, It’s a no

The wind is a-pounding on my back

And I found hope in a heart attack

Oh at last, it is past

Now I’ve got it, and you can’t have it


Darling, when I’m fast asleep

I’ve seen this person watching me

Saying, “Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Tell me, is it worth it?”

Because there is something, and there is nothing

There is nothing in between

And in my eyes, there is a tiny dancer

Watching over me, he’s singing

“She’s a, she’s a lady, and I am just a boy”

He’s singing, “She’s a, she’s a lady, and I am just a line without a hook.”


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