Sheppard – Let Me Down Easy lyrics

Night and day I’ve been doing the math
To calculate where we wandered off track
But I know, that this love was never easy…

But something’s faded inside of your heart
Now you’re crusading to tear us apart
It’s clear now, I know you’re gonna leave me
So disappear now, I won’t get in your way…

Oooohhhh Let me down easy
Let me down easy, Woooahhh, before you go

Well how do I begin to convince you to love me
When you’re a star in the sky up above me
And I’m too far down below…

Your heavy heart is taking it’s toll
You’ve lost all the magic inside of your soul
So sell me a lie before you hit the road…


Oh yeah cause I know you’d rather run than stay and try
Cause I know it’s that much easier to say goodbye
Yes I know, so if you’ve made your mind
Take what you want and get out of my life
But can you do this one last thing
And leave me with my pride…

Chorus x 2
(With Verse 1 sung over the top 2nd time round)

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