Thundercat – Is It Love? lyrics

Suddenly you came on to me
Was it wrong for you to belong to me?
Maybe we can find a way
Everyday is like a dream to me

[Verse 1:]

You said I need a place to go

So we said lets go

I let you out of my sight

But you were stir-crazy

Looking for the next best thing

To fight is your escape route, and so is mine

It was the best thing for you and me to unite

No matter where we go the winds still blow

Cause matters of the heart always lead you from the start


[Verse 2:]

Another day, another show

And the wind just blows, In and out of my life

You think I’m crazy cause all I want to do is relive the day that I first met you

Was right on time, It was a bright day and you were like a heavenly sign

At the end of our tale, the loneliness prevails




Its way easy for you and me, love

It can’t hold on, just be who you are

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