Ilaiyaraaja Songs – List of Ilaiyaraaja Tamil Songs

Ilaiyaraaja Songs – Film List of Ilaiyaraaja Collection


Ilaiyaraaja AKA Music Maestro AKA Isaignani ‘The God Of Music’ is from south india (tamil) he has composed more than 7 thousand songs for the film industry. He is the ultimate legend for music and there is no one to replace him yet. He spent his entire life for music and he won millions and millions of hearts with his soul piercing music. He is the one and only music director who is celebrated even decades after different generations. 


He started his film career in the year of “1976” for the film “Annakili”. His songs are breathtaking and makes you feel you are in heaven. He has done a very big massive collection of songs which can be played at any moment in your life. He uses both western and indian instruments to mold for a better music for the songs.



Why he is the one and only Maestro ? Here the video with explanation.




Credits : Thanks for “SathyaNarayanan M Krishnan” a wonderful explanation.

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