Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2021 Solar Inverter Charger Scheme

India has made solar systems a renowned technology. Numerous people are now entrepreneurs in solar systems and solar panels. The Haryana Government also has a solar scheme. Haryana Solar System SubsidyOur state’s farmers will be able to use 2021 as their year. This scheme requires that the inverter charger be charged with solar cells from the state for the benefit of farmers.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2021

The government has provided a subsidy for 40% to farmers in addition to the 300-watt or 500-watt solar inverter launches. The scheme provides a subsidy that will enable them to buy an inverter charger. The subsidy amount is large enough to provide farmers with many discounts. Solar Inverter Charger Scheme 2020 is an option to resolve the question of cost.

The hard work of farmers has been essential to growing crops every season. The production of crops also depends on the weather and climate. Our farmers’ hard work can be destroyed by unfavorable rains during the wheat crop growth. Farmers are now supported by Haryana’s state government. The registration process for each scheme is now complete by farmers.

Haryana Solar Inverter Charger Scheme

As a result of the Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2021, the government has given a subsidy for 300 watts as Rs 6 thousand and 500 watts  Rs 10 thousand subsidies on the purchase of solar inverters. Friends, this page is dedicated to providing all relevant information on the Solar Inverter Charger Scheme. You will also need to know all details of the scheme in order to apply.

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The interested party must apply online for Haryana Solar System Subsidy. Online applications are the fastest and most convenient way to get involved in government schemes. People used to have to make an appointment with the relevant department before applying online. However, they are now able to access the official portals at any moment from anywhere.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy form
Haryana Solar System Subsidy form

Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme 2021

Solar Inverter Charger Scheme Benefits 2021

  • First, the scheme is intended to provide benefits for farmers in Haryana.
  • For 300 Watts of solar inverter charging, the Haryana government provides a subsidy amounting to 6 Thousand Rupees.
  • This scheme also provides subsidy for 500 Watts Solar Inverter Chargers.
  • A subsidy of 40% will be provided to the farmers in return for installing the solar inverter chargers in their areas.
  • The solar inverter charger is a great tool for farmers who have lost their electricity for a long time.
  • However, to be eligible under the yojana you must register first. Next, they will be checked for eligibility by the government according to their requirements. The project will provide them with the opportunity to enjoy the rewards.
  • On the official portal, online applications are also possible.
Name of the scheme Haryana Solar System Subsidy 2021
Solar Inverter charger Scheme 2021 Haryana
Started by Haryana State Government
Get Underemployed Haryana state government
This scheme has many benefits Subsidy to solar inverter charger
Jahr 2021
Beneficiaries Haryana State residents
Official Website saralharyana.gov.in
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Haryana Solar Subsidy Application online

Haryana Solar System Subsidy scheme 2021: Main Objective

  • At first farmer’s welfare in Haryana state. The scheme ensured that our farmers have the best possible facilities. Farmers depended on electricity to run various machinery like water pumps. Now they have the ability to use solar energy as electricity.
  • The most important subsidy for farmers is the one that provides financial support. The government must provide a subsidy of 40% for the purchase of solar inverter chargers of 300 and 500 watts.
  • The scheme also includes the Power of the Solar Inverter Charger. Only 300 watts up to 500 watts of inverter can be purchased from the government.
  • Also, it saves the planet. This reduces air pollution. And also it has environmental-friendly features as this will generate electricity due to solar energy.

Haryana Solar System Subsidy Form 2021

If you don’t want to stand or wait in the long queue for registration then do follow the instruction for online application submission. Solar panel inverters allow the system to generate high-quality electricity from sunlight. Clean energy has been also produced by the system. Solar energy is available to everyone without any hassle or pollution.

To apply for this scheme, you will need to be eligible and have the required documentation

  • First, applicant should have permanent Haryana resident.
  • The applicant must also be a farmer.
  • Applicants must also provide proof of income during the registration process.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photo ID Proof
  • Permanent Resident Evidence
  • Farmer ID
  • Bank Account details
  • Mobile Number
  • Income Proof
  • Photo of passport size
  • Contact details
  • Address Evidence
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Haryana Solar Rooftop Subsidy 2021 online

Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme 2021 Registration Process :

  • First, applicants must visit the official Haryana Solar Inverter Charger Scheme or Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme website online.
Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Portal
Haryana Solar Panel Subsidy Portal
  • Clicking on the hyperlink above to go to the official page will take you directly to the homepage.
  • You will need to first click on Login on the homepage.
  • You will then need to click on the “New User Registration” option.
Haryana Solar Inverter Charger System Subsidy
Haryana Solar Inverter Charger System Subsidy
  • After this, you will see a brand new page with the application form.
  • For registration, you will have to enter all required details.
  • Then, you will need to create your username and password.
  • Also, log in using this username/password on the official website.
  • Next, go to the homepage and scroll down to the section where you can Apply for Services. You can also click here
  • Next, click the button to view all available services.
  • Enter the keyword “Solar inverter” here.
  • The applicant must click to apply under the service solar charger application.
  • Then a  new page appears on your screen with the application form.
  • This is where you will fill out all required information, such as personal details or additional information.

Click on the submit button at the bottom. With the submit button, you have successfully completed your registration.

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