Nicki Minaj – Grindin Freestyle lyrics

[Intro: Nicki Minaj]
Ok, ok, ok… C’mon, listen…

[Verse 1]

Ye’ ain’t say nothing lil’ mama I got those

And I’m about to bl-blow like snot nose

Oh no, no homo

This is for my niggas, my niggas that don’t know

Please tell these rap bitches to get ready

Don’t get gassed unless you’re getting getty

Don’t get jerk j-jerk don’t get nutty

Fix up your paper work you’re somebody

But you ain’t better than the President

I’m just too eloquent, bitch, I’m the President!

I be sitting on a elephant counting all my money where Stella went

And I don’t need my groove back unless the nigga looking like 2Pac

Unless he got colors like Tucan, Sam

Sam, I am! Different color Lambs (Green Eggs and Ham)

Bet I could bake a gram like the baker’s man

Stop running up on me like who? what? when?

I stay around the white like the Ku Klux Klan

I stay around the sand butter pecan tan, butter pecan tan

I stay around the sand butter pecan tan nigga


Damn, I’m a bad bitch I’mma give y’all a couple more bars it’s nothin.. Listen….

[Verse 2]

I was shotgun when the Bentley cruised up

I’m a bad bitch let me put my shoes up

I don’t say hi, I just throw my 2’s up

When I’m in Texas I chuck my deuce up

Bitches is snakes sorta like Medusa

I get on the beats like a new producer

(i hate nicki minaj) just excuse her

I’m in a GT, she in a PT Cruiser, I mean the PT bruiser

Dang lil mama you is such a loser

You is such a loser, dang lil mama you is such a loser…


I mean… If I’m not the baddest bitch who the fuck is?

I mean when I do it’s done. Get who you want..

Like, I’mma body every last bitch in the game

I’mma sit on my throne and you know these bitches you know be pickin my fruit out

I want some fresh strawberries and shit tell them bitches to be ready to pick my fruit out

I’m a be sittin on the throne like Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy, it’s nothin [laughs….]

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