Eternals Movie Cast, Release date, Trailer, Villain, Character Names

You can find more information here about the Eternals movie cast, release date, trailer, villain, character names, powers, actors/actresses and other details. Marvel announced the release of a 26th movie.Th Marvel movie. The movie is named “Eternals” and the teaser is already released on Marvel Studio’s official YouTubeChannel. Eternals movies are about superheroes that we know from comics. The ancient aliens that have secretly loved the earth for many thousands of years are these superheroes. They were made to confront the greatest enemy of humanity by Ironman’s death and Captain America’s retirement. Deviants

Are Eternals Possible?

The Eternals is a group of ancient aliens that have lived on Earth for approximately 35000 years. They were introduced in 1976 in Jack Kirby’s comic. Three groups of celestial Gods were mentioned in that comic. They include:

  • DeviantsAn entire group of people who are constantly at war.
  • People:We are all one.
  • The Eternal:More than 30 have been made, and many variations have occurred in this group.

Eternals Movie

Eternals Movie Cast – Character Names

Each member of The Eternals Movie castShe is an actor/actress well-known. Marvel is known for choosing the very best actors and actresses in every industry. The Eternals Cast will take on the roles of the principal characters.

  • Richard Madden is Ikaris
  • Salma Hayek is Ajak
  • Angelina Jolie is Thena
  • Don Lee plays Gilgamesh
  • Lauren Ridloff is Makkari
  • Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo
  • Sprite by Lia McHugh
  • Brian Tyree Henry, Phastos
  • Gemma Chan (Sersi)
  • Kit Harington plays Dane Whiteman and later on becomes Black Knight
  • Barry Keoghan is a Druig
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How powerful are Eternals’ powers?

Ikaris PowerIkaris is able to fly, levitate and lift other people and things. His eyes can emit cosmic energy and he is able to teleport.

Ajak PowerAjak, the Mother of All Eternals is believed to be Ajak. Ajak is extremely strong, can fly and has the ability to teleport.

Thena powerThena is the child of Zuras. She is able to fly and has super strength.

Gilgamesh PowerHis main powers include: Indestructibility and Levitation.

Makkari Powers:The ability to run too fast can lead to cyclones, which is a combination of superhuman strength and speed.

Kingo PowersKingo is a skilled swordsman who has been trained by the best. He also has almost identical power to other Eternals, including superspeed, superhuman strength, and stamina.

Phastos PowerSimilar abilities to others. He is able to fly and has superspeed.

Sesi power: She can fly and attain immortality, superhuman strength, speed, and molecular manipulation.

Druig PowersAbility to fly, control atoms, teleport and have superhuman strength.

Black Knight Powers: One of the best swordsmen,  can use many mystical weapons like the sword of light, Ebony Blade, and Sheild of Night.

Eternals Movie Trailer

Date for the Eternals movie release

Marvel Studios has released the trailer for the film on May 24, 2021. The trailer mentions that Eternals will release on 5 November 2021. We hope you like the CoronaThe situation is normal until then. Theatres are available for spectacular action-packed entertainment.

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Eternals Movie Villain

This trailer doesn’t reveal who the Villain is in Eternals. Most likely, the Deviants will be the villains. The film will feature the Deviants, as it has been confirmed. They may, however, play an indirect role. Although speculations are rife that Druig could be the film’s main antagonist, it is still too early.

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