McFly – Down By The Lake lyrics

Well you better get home cos your dad is awake
Said he saw you last night making out by the lake
With a boy he hates
He doesn’t’t look at me the same way that you do
Said I look pretty cute but I don’t got the grades
Seen the star on my foot and the way I behave
We’re better off when daddys outta town

O baby you got nothing to prove
But if we decide to go doesn’t’t mean he’s gotta know
O baby you got nothing to lose
And we’re better off when daddy’s not around

Doesn’t’t give his consent
So now we can’t afford
The perfect wedding you want gotta do it abroad
In a place you adore so
I got us on a plane to Hawaii
Where the weather is nice
And where we are alone
None of daddy’s advice
Followed us here from home
It’ll be chilled if we move out of town


I can’t be around him and I’ve tried
I told him once I liked him but I lied
Find some way to make him change his mind
What can I do to be with you

[Guitar solo]


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