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Verse One: (Ice Cube)
It was once said by a man who couldn’t quit;
“Dopeman, please, can I have another hit?”
The dopeman said: “Cluck, I don’t give a shit;
If your girl kneels down, and sucks my dick!”
It all happened and the guy tried to choke her;
Nigga living in cash, ain’t nothing but a smoker.
That’s the way it goes, that’s the name of the game;
Young brother getting over by slangin’ caine.
Gold around his neck 14 k, has it;
Bitches sucking on his dick, 24-7.
Plus he’s makin’ money keepin’ the base heads waiting;
Rollin 6-4 with the fresh-ass daytons.
Livin’ in Compton, California, ca
His Uzi up your ass if he don’t get paid.
Nigga begging for credit, he’s knockin’ out teeth;
Clockin’ much dollars on the 1st and 15th kay shizze is a real fuckin g
Big lot of money, nothing less than a twenty;
Yo, you want a five-oh, the dopeman got plenty.
To be a dopeman, boy, you must qualify;
Don’t get high, off your own supply!
From a kid to a G, it’s all about money;
10-piece, 4-10, base pipe comes free.
If people out there ain’t hip to the fact;
If you see somebody gettin’ money 4 crack,
He’s the

Dopeman! Dopeman!
“Hey man, gimme a hit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
“Hey, yo, fuck that shit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
“We just can’t quit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
“Well suck this bitch!”

(Dr. Dre)
Wait a minute, wait a minute! Who the fuck are you talking to?
Do you know who the fuck I am? Man, I can’t believe this shit.
This bitch is tryin’ to gank me!
I’ll slap you up side your head with 9 inches of limp dick!

Verse Two: (Ice Cube)
You need a nigga with money, so you get a dopeman;
Juice that fool for as much as you can.
She likes his car, and he gets with her;
Got a black-eye coz the dopeman hit her.
Let that slide, and you pay it no mind;
Find that he’s slapping you, all the time!
But that’s ok, coz he’s so rich,
And you ain’t nothin’ but a dopeman’s bitch.
Do what he say and you keep your mouth shut;
Poppin’ that trash might get you fucked up!
You’ll sit and cry if the dopeman strikes you;
He don’t give a fuck, he got 2 just like you
There’s a another girl in the dopeman’s life;
Not quite a bitch, but far from a wife.
She’s called ‘The Strawberry’ and everybody know;
“Strawberry! Strawberry! Is the neighbourhood hoe.”
Do anything for a hit or two;
Give the bitch a rock and she’ll fuck your whole damn crew
It might be your wife and it might make you sick;
Come home and see her mouth on the dopeman’s dick.
Strawberry, just look you’ll see her;
But don’t fuck around, she’ll give you gonnorhea.
If people out there ain’t hip to the fact;
Strawberry is a girl selling pussy for crack to the,

Dopeman! Dopeman!
“Hey man, gimme a hit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
“Hey, yo, fuck that shit!”
Dopeman! Dopeman!
In your face;
Yo Dre, kick in tha bass!

Verse Three: (Ice Cube)
If ya smoke ‘caine, you’re a stupid motherfucker;
Known around the hood as the schoolyard clucka.
Doin’ that crack with all the money ya got;
On ya hands & knees, searching for a piece of rock.
Jonzing for a hit, now ya lookin’ for more.
Doug stole a Alpine outta Eazy’s 6-4.
Ya need ya ass whooped coz it’s outta this Earth;
Can’t get a 10-piece, need a dollar fifty’s worth.
Knucklehead nigga, you turned into a crook;
But swear up and down, boy, that you ain’t hooked.
You beat ya friend up and you whooped his ass long;
Coz he hit the pipe till the rock was all gone!
You robbin’ and stealin’, bugging and illin’;
While the dopeman’s dealing.
What is killin’ your pain? Cocaine? This shit’s insane;
Yo, E, she’s a berry, lets run a train!

Man, I wouldn’t touch that bitch!

(Ice Cube)
Me neither, hoe go home and wash out ya beaver;
And nigga’s are out there, messing up people’s health;
Yo, what the fuck you gotta say for yourself?

Verse Four: (Eazy-E)
Well, I’m the dopeman, yeah boy wear corduroy;
Money up to here, but unemployed.
You keep smoking that rock and my pocket’s getting bigger;

(Dr. Dre)
Yo, got that 5-0, double-up nigga!

Yeah, high rollin’, big money, I’m foldin;
Bitch on my tip, for the dick, I’m holdin.
Strong strawberry, jockin’ me so early;
Hoe, ya wanna hit? Ya gotta get your knees dirty.
Well that’s my life, that’s how it’s cut;
“Hey Dopeman!” bitch shut the fuck up!
Gotta make a run, it’s a big money deal;
Gankers got the fake, but you can get the real,
From the…

Dopeman! Dopeman!
Yeah, that’s me!
Dopeman! Dopeman!
Yo, can I get a G?
Dopeman! Dopeman!
Clock as much as he can.
Fuck this shit, who am I?
The dopeman!

Outro: (Eazy-E as the Mexican guy)
Yo, Mr. Dopeman, you think your slick;
Ya sold crack to my sister, and now she’s sick.
But if she happens to die, because of your drug;
I’m puttin’ in your culo, A. 38 slug!

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