Three Plus – Cool Operator lyrics

She is Cool Operator
Oo yeah mysterious woman
Just like, just like a mobstah
The detective undercover (2x)
The first time I saw her it was the summer time, the summer time now
And on the surface she looked so fine fine fine, fine
She was askin to see who I was, said a nah nah nah
I wondered what her motives were
She asked me if I was a reggae star, a reggae star now
If I could show her around the world, around the world
But we play music just to share our love girl, said a nah nah nah nah nah
I can not resist this shut eyed girl because
I saw walking on the beach down in Waimea
She robbed my braddahs from thier speach speach speach hey
She’s wearin diamonds and she’s flashing pearls all around
She’s puttin me right out of reach
Some guy pulls up in a fancy car, a fancy car now
She partys with him through the night, hey
But deep inside I know she checks for me cuz she feels it deeply
But I know it can not be, because
The world is changing yes this means you (you) since you were a kid
It fills your head with many dreams (dreams)
That’s the life you live in now
Uptown girl steppin high (high) in your high fashion
I know you try can’t be no queen (queen) Never girl
The girl was cool operator me say the girl was a cool operator
She left a Miami and a gone a Jamaica
Me keep away them dread locks away from them not ah
She like laugh at that and a gone a Canada

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