Congress Toolkit Exposed – What is it & How congress used to Defame Modi

Congress Toolkit: What exactly is it? Sambit Patra, spokesperson of BJP says Congress has used the toolkit to defame Modi in relation to Covid-19 mismanagement. The following statement was made by Dr. Sambit Patra, spokesperson for the BJP, regarding Congress Toolkit, today, May 18, 2021. He criticized the Congress party for trying to criticize Prime Minister Modi. Sambit Patra, a media personality who exposed the toolkit as well as making many assertions which are detailed in this piece, has been seen on the Internet.

Congress Toolkit explained

Sambit Patra commented, “This toolkit shows how to use the Congress party is seeking to strengthen itself in the Corona pandemic. Their plans for spreading false information all over the country are revealed in this toolkit.

Sambit Patra was able to read several sections and claim that it was the Congress party trying to undermine his reputation as Prime Minister by employing different strategies. The Prime Minister appears to be using a number of accounts on social media that look like BJP support account accounts. Patra also said that Congress created the internet through international media. Patra claimed that Rahul and Rahul Gandhi were the main culprits.

BJP Shared Congress Toolkit

Bhartiya Janta Party is making serious allegations about the Congress party. BJP spokespersons claimed that the Opposition party has a toolkit for enhancing the political image of the Prime Minister India. Covid-19 is used by them to achieve political advantage, while the rest of India suffers.

BJP said that a selected group of international media outlets was asked to cover Kumbh Mela in their “Super-preader Kumbh Mela” report. Media were asked to remind people about the same by using Kumbh the world’s most powerful spreader.

The claim also included former officials who claimed that PMCARES funds were being discussed with them. They claim Modi is particularly focused on Gujarat and not other states.

What exactly is Congress Toolkit?

First, we must understand what a “toolkit” is. This is a list of common guidelines used by protesters today. Instead of using templates and hoarding, group messages and instructions are shared across social media platforms to assign tasks. Major corporations and political parties use the toolkit to manage their campaigns, coordinate efforts, etc.

Submit Patra spoke out about Congress Toolkit.

They are discussing how to improve the situation by using the dead bodies of people. It’s painful to see that Congress uses dead people as their tools. To make the request acceptable, they also asked their volunteers and supporters to use accurate phrases to address Prime Minister. Instead of supporting Corona, Congress has created a toolkit that makes fun of the country. This exposes the true face of Congress Party. These instructions follow the style of Rahul Gandhi’s tweets.” He said.

Toolkit for Congress Party Denies

Congress party Congress party denies using these tools in the past and posted this tweet handle:

Fake leaders of anti-people BJP want to spread a distorted and untrued copy and make it part of their toolkit.

Everyone, please live your best life. Today, help people.

You can call our helpline at 983836838 if you have mental health issues #FakeBJP

Youth Congress (@IYC). May 18, 2021

There has been a verbal spat between Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress’ ruling party, over the existence of a toolkit believed to be compiled by the Congress. A large number of BJP leaders, as well as Union ministers at the top, tweeted four pages of Congress’s letterpad. These were claimed to be part of a toolkit, and included information about how Congress leaders can use their knowledge on the Union government’s mishandling of the virus for “corner Narendra Modi.”

According to the saffron party, the Congress was trying to damage its image as well as that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi through aid from “foreign media” and “friendly media persons within India” despite the fact that there is an epidemic of fatal diseases.

However, Congress has disassociated from the “toolkit” and claims that the BJP attempted to deceive people by distributing a “fake collection” of pages they claimed were part of Congress’s toolkit.

After a press conference, the leaders of the party announced that an FIR would be filed against top BJP officials. This included Smriti Irani (Union minister), President J.P. Nadda (President), Sambit Patra (Spokesman) – all those who posted about the alleged toolskit on their social media pages – and for participating in a shady scheme.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2012 at 2 PM, BJP leaders began sharing their so-called “toolkit”. They also criticised Congress for not doing enough to assist victims of the second outbreak. Patra said that Patra believed the opposition was trying to assist the victims with a PR exercise, using influencers to get journalists’ assistance and not to search for a person.

Congress is back

The Congress threatened to sue BJP leaders for using fake Congress letterhead and threatening them with criminal prosecution.


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