CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Gujarat 2021 pdf! Registration Online Date

CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Gujarat 2020 application deadline is at Log in to view if you are able to fill out an online application and check your application status. Gujarat is home to the CNG Pump program. CNG Sahbhagi Yojana 2021 is now open to citizens from the state. Gujarat’s State Government of Gujarat was responsible for initiating the scheme. CNG is the alternative fuel to petrol and diesel for many people, as we have seen. The government plans to install the CNG pumps in various districts within Gujarat State.

CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Gujarat 2021

The general public is more likely to benefit from CNG (compress natural gas) pumps. All four-wheelers that own CNG are using it to fuel their cars. Today’s rise in the price of Diesel and Petrol has led to people switching to an alternative fuel. It’s a great way to save money on your travels. CNG Sahbhagi Scheme 2020 is available.

Moreover, the Government of Gujarat is reported to have plans to install 300 CNG pumps in the next year. CNG Pump is a service that allows citizens to use the benefits of CNG Pump. This will reduce budgets. Today’s budget has become more sensible and efficient thanks to the article. CNG Station that forms part of the scheme, was installed by Gujarat Gas Limited and Sabarmati Gas Limited. If you are interested, apply online.

CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Registration online

Gujarat has a wide range of CNG pumps. Positive response has been received by the department to CNG gasoline filling station. The gas station now offers more services and assistance to the public. These are also eco-friendly for Gujarat State. The number of available pumps before the scheme was implemented in Gujarat State was 542 CNG Pumps.

New pumps were built near highways and national highways to address the aftermath of CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Gujarat 2020. It is not surprising that people travel on roads frequently, so it makes sense there are no CNG pumps. With the help of the concerned department, the government assessed the situation. A new CNG Service Station has been launched by the administration. This station will allow people to refill their cars with CNG.

Gujarat CNG Pump Yojana Registration

Register Online For CNG Sahbhagi

Some of the features included in this scheme are:

  • This program resulted in an agreement to work together to construct CNG stations on both the Highways and in Urban Municipal Areas.
  • The scope of this project has identified two types of CNG Plants. First, the CNG franchise model. This is the second model, which represents an OMC PSU dealer.
  • Primary requirement: The applicant must be the owner of land. This must also be the condition of those who apply to the scheme.
  • They should have the right to claim it as theirs.
  • As a result, the CNG pipelines are now on-line CNG pipe system and the support system for providing CNG supply without any pipelines.
  • The essential equipment will also be given to the companies in order for them to start construction on the CNG Filling Station, which is located in Gujarat.
  • The person opening the first CNG station must complete civil works. In preparation for NOC, they will also need to do some extra work.
Description of the Scheme Gujarat CNG Sahbhagi Yojana 2021
It was first released by Shree VijayaRupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat
Get Underemployed Gujarat’s government is state-run. Gujarat
Description of department Gujarat Gas Limited, Sabarmati Gas Limited
These are its advantages Gujarat will receive brand-new 300 CNG pumps.
Current Year 2021
Type of scheme State Government Scheme
Beneficiaries Gujarat State citizens
The Application Process Today Available
Modality of application Online
Official Website

CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Application Status

Shree Vishy Rupani, Gujarat Chief Minister, announced the scheme to address several key aspects. If the Petrol Pump Owner already has the CNG pump permit, it does not need to be applied again. You don’t need to obtain permission again for the CNG pump to be opened. You can apply online to the CNG Sanghagi Yojana for new users.

People have praised the Gujarat State Government for their actions. The candidates interested in the CNG Sahbhagi Scheme 2021 have submitted their applications to create their work profile. This has led to new opportunities for unemployed people in the state. Before applying online, please read through all information.

Gujarat CNG Sahbhagi Eligibility Criteria

List of required documents to be registered

  • Also required is the PAN card of the applicant.
  • Then Aadhar card.
  • Identification proofs like Voter ID card Passport Driver’s License are photo-proof.
  • Then you need proof of ownership ( 7/12 Index or Property Card)
  • Next, the Land Document (with 7/12 or less), Index, Property Card for Property, etc.
  • Mobile number
  • Photograph of the applicant.

How to Apply the Gujarat CNG Sahbhagi Registration 2021

  • To begin the registration process, applicants should visit the CNG Sahbhagi Yojana 2020 official site.
CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Login
  • A new page dubbed homepage appears before you.
  • After you’ve done this, go to the homepage and click “New User Registration”.
  • Complete the form on your browser.
CNG Sahbhagi Yojana Registration Form
  • After this, sign up online to create your password and username.
  • You must include the complete information on your application: name, address, phone number, email ID and mobile number.
  • Use the OTP process on the Internet to confirm your mobile phone number.
  • Then, log in to the official website using your username/password that you used for the initial registration.
  • After that, you can login to CNG Sahbhagi Yojana 211. It is important to choose the correct option for your model, such as the PSU-OMC stations.
  • You must therefore complete the information below for each of the six sections available, which includes details about the section A (retail outlets) or the proposed location in the application to construct this CNG station.
  • A few additional details are required for registration such as :
  • Information regarding the application fee
  • Pump Site Details
  • Then, Applicants undertaking
  • Uploading documents is required.
  • For example, in order to choose the second option, seven fields must be filled out.
  • Application form all details
  • Then, the PArticular for the applied area
  • Next, for people who apply
  • You will also find details about the application fee
  • What are the criteria to determine selection?
  • Next, it’s time for the candidate to take the initiative
  • Upload your file
  • Your application is complete once you’ve completed it correctly.
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