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King Crimson – Indoor Games lyrics

Indoor fireworks amuse your kitchen staff Dusting plastic garlic plants They snigger in the draught When you ride through the parlour Wearing nothing but your armour- Playing indoor games. One string puppet shows amuseYour sycophantic friendsWho cheer your rancid recipesIn fear they might offend,Whilst you loaf on your sofaSporting falsies and a toga-Playing indoor games,

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Barbra Streisand – Answer Me lyrics

Do you wake up very slowly?Does it take a while before you smileAre your dreams like premonitionsHave you lived them throughSome people doI hope you’ll answer me with patient eyesNo hurried words, foolish or wiseAnswer me, answer me with soft silent touchesThey’ll tell me as much as I need to knowAnswer me with deep and

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Yungen – Mind On It lyrics

(feat. Jess Glynne) [Intro] ADP [Verse 1: Yungen] I pulled up on her like yo my size What you doin’ round my sides? She said “it’s my ends” likewise Maybe we should go for Mai Tai’s Im a sucker for some nice eyes (You got some nice eyes) She said i know your type and

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