Sisqo – Can I Live lyrics

Drop that
You know I was your favorite from the jump
So don’t front
Like I was
Was actin’ up, buggin’
Since when
We been messin’ flexin’
Love has been good, no doubt
But now tryna keep me on lock down
Tryna figure out what I’m all about
If I’m goin’ out
Who I’m chillin’ wit, what I’m dealin’ wit
Just can’t.. Just can’t handle it
You’re not my girl and I’m not your man
I’ma tell you again so you understand
I’m not tryin’ to be caught in
And not movin’ not budgin’
Not tryin’ to get stuck in somethin’
I can’t get out of
If ya thought twice shorty then I doubt cha
Need to get offa my back
You’re lying too tight needa cut me some slack

So let go

Can I live?
Can I breath?
Inhale, exhale
Get offa me
What I do
Where I be
Who I see
Ya follow me
What is this?
Can I live?
Can I breath?
Inhale, exhale
Get offa me

Give me privacy

Met you in the club
You was bumpin’
Drunk as fuck
Had ta [?] wit the thugin’
Smokin’ somethin’
I saw you wit your girlfriend
Actin’ like your’re cousins
But cha really wasn’t
Plus I caught you wit the nigga
They [?]
And I love it
So I took you to the crib for some fuckin’
Touchin’ huggin’ lotta rubbin’
Knew I was late and not bussin’
I hollered at you ’cause your body was right
And I stayed smashin’ it ’cause your pussy was tight
What was your plot comin’ here tonight
If ya thought it was sweet it ain’t tonight
I won’t go that route if it’s not my life
I’m a balla you a chicken you can get it right
Stuck in my wings and why you testin’ me
Needa stop stressin’ me
If ya can’t handle it she isn’t a memory


Leave em love em bus em even
That is just the way I treat em
I don’t know your type of reason
Not my girl so I’m not cheatin’
Never ever ever really had a girl not have to feel me
Nothin’s changed from the beginnin’

This is the end, so begin
Yeahh oh yeahh
Tell me baby
Tell meee baby
Can I live yeah?
Can I? Can I? Let meeee

[Chorus: 3x]
We out
Oh no
Sisqo anotha one
Tr (Teddy Riley)

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