Bryson Tiller – Canceled lyrics

[Verse 1]
Did you not, not tell me not to say another lie, lie to me
Not to play with you and I, I
Know somebody like you is hard to find
Put her guard up for my—
I know them niggas watchin’
They been scheming up and plotting
They been big shit-talkin’ and hatin’
Got a nigga cautious, thinkin’ you would leave me
Trust and believe me
I know this shit is easy, I know they want the Fiji
All them niggas thirsty, but you would never hurt me
Not like I hurt you, the shit I do is hurtful
You feel like a damn fool
I wish I had a manual to better understand you (‘stand you)
You say I’m a handful, I’m in your head like Cantu
I tell you what I can do
Be a better man to you, this Henny made me ramble


Called and got no answer

Wrote this fuckin’ anthem, alert you like it’s amber (like amber)

Distress to my damsel

But she say I’m canceled

[Verse 2]

I just got back in touch with her

Used to talk a lot, used to down to ride

I can’t do this hi and bye

Don’t see eye to eye but I know that we got time

To fix it, we not blind

Don’t know what I’m implyin’

I’m missin’ my friend dyin’

Without you, I been tryin’

These bitches, they been wack

Can’t take ’em to get Prime for dinner, we did that

Can’t help it but nitpick the shit that they did lack

Like throwin’ that shit back

You know that I miss that

I don’t like the wig snatched

No, I like that shit natural

Big mad ’cause I heard a nigga just bagged you

Big mad ’cause you lie about it when I asked you

Fucked on her, but knew it wouldn’t last

Even though she came fast, nigga, karma came faster

Seen you with the nigga in a pic, no caption

But the look up on your face say he better than the last one, damn


Called and got no answer

Wrote this fuckin’ anthem, alert you like it’s amber (like amber)

Distress to my damsel (to my damsel, oh-oh)

But she say I’m canceled

I’m canceled, canceled

I’m canceled (fuck does that even mean anyway?)

I’m canceled, oh yeah, yeah (canceled)


Don’t sweat it

I forgave but won’t forget it

I just cut into your schedule

Got your number from your best friend, yeah

Yeah, I been checkin’ for you

Know you been checkin’ for me too

Why they like to meddle up in what we do

Like they know the best for me and you

I just turned into your driveway

You were lookin’ at me sideways

You were throwin’ dirt on my name

Since I’m the one to blame

I, I apologize, yeah

I, sorry for the lies, yeah

For the lies, yeah

For the lies

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