5 Month Old baby turning into Stone

5 Month Old baby turning into Stone – Watch Pics & Why: News is coming from the United Kingdom where a 5 month old baby girl is turning into a stone. A rare illness that causes muscles to become bones, and restrains the child’s ability to move her body is what caused this.

Baby 5 months old turning into stone

Lexi Robins was the baby girl and she was born 31 December.It is possible toJanuary 20, 2121. She was a normal baby when she was born. Her thumb was immobile and her toes were larger than usual.

The parents became concerned when they heard about it. The parents took the girl to see a doctor, where tests were done. Following the Diagnosis it was discovered that Fibrodysplasia Progressiva (FOP) was the most rare form of the disease. It is rare and only occurs in about 2 million people.

 IN the x-ray, it was found that the girl has bunions on her feet and double-jointed thumbs. FOP can lead to bone loss and restriction of movement.

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This disease is thought to cause the destruction of connective tissue and muscles, resulting in bone loss. This is why this 5 old girl is turning into stone because she can’t move.

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This disease has a known cure. It is believed people with FOP could be bedridden as early as 20. These patients live for 40 years.

5 month old girl turning into stone

 Due to FOP, these girls will be experiencing various problems even for small problems like falling over. It could lead to her not being able get vaccinations or injections.

Lexi’s parents have talked to some experts and they are saying that some clinical experiments have shown positive signs in recent cases. Experts also seek funding to continue research into FOP, and offer a possible solution.

The fundraiser will allow the experts to raise funds. Her parents also set up a fundraising campaign. These parents also run campaigns to educate other parents about the disease.

Experts will hopefully find a solution to this 5-month-old girl who is turning into stone. Your thoughts?

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