Wallows – 1980s Horror Film lyrics

Was only seventeen
Oh, why are girls in songs always seventeen?


Was from a movie scene

And now she plays in my head all day

She called me up

And let me in

I couldn’t feel my legs

She walked me back

Into her room

But just to see

A 1980s horror film

I, oh, I was so scared

She had the curtains down

So there was no glare

She pulled up a chair

And gave me the bed

And all these crazy things

Went through my head

It seems so long

I need someone

I don’t know what to say

She was sitting there

I could touch her hair

But still we watched

A 1980s horror film


I don’t know what to say to you

I feel

You’re always on my mind

And now that I know what I need

I’m taking the long way round in my mind

It’s not right

I can’t help the way I feel anymore

And I need to ask you, Jamie:

Oh, can it be that you feel this way, too?

The lights were off

The mood was right

She came and laid with me

I looked into her eyes

Tried to make her mine

But then she said

“I’m really not that into guys.”

1980s horror film

1980s horror film

1980s horror film

1980s horror film

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