Zika Virus Symptoms, Vaccine, Treatment, Origin in Kerala

Zika Virus Symptoms, Treatments, and Origin Details are all discussed. Learn more information about Zika Virus. You can find all information here Wildlife The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published an article about Zika virus. New cases have been reported according to the most recent news. Zika virusKerala is the latest state to have this virus. It’s expected that more will be discovered. When the Aedes species mosquito bites a person, the virus can spread very quickly. Zika virus Aedes species is most commonly transmitted to humans in the morning. Humans can die if the virus infects their bodies if they are not treated quickly.

Zika Virus News


Zika virus can cause serious illnesses such as yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue. Zika virus is transmitted to the body by the bite of Aedes. It attacks the immune system, which can lead to serious complications. The World Health Organization (WHO), stated that there are no further symptoms after exposure to this virus. Research has shown that only 5 percent of patients who are exposed to the virus will experience symptoms.

COVID-19 cases are on the increase in Kerala. Health Department has been disseminating Zika Virus News on a large scale to people. The most recent data shows the severe consequences of this virus in Kerala. Kerala’s state government has made every effort to protect its citizens from Zika Virus. Parsala, a 24-year-old woman who is pregnant, received treatment at a private hospital. In Kerala, there have been 13 Zika cases so far.

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Zika Virus Symptoms

Talk about Zika Virus SymptomsThis means that only 5 percent of people will experience the Zika virus symptoms. The visible Zika virus symptoms are present in patients for between 2-7 days. Patients who have been exposed to Zika virus may experience some of the following symptoms.

  1. Fever:- Zika Virus Symptoms is a frequent cause of fever. A patient could have high to moderate fever. Different patients might have different symptoms.
  2. Rashes may occur if the area was bitten by a mole. A common sign is itching near the area where mosquito bites occur. It is best to contact your doctor if there are more symptoms.
  3. Zika Symptoms – Conjunctivitis – Mostly the patient might have an eye condition like Conjunctivitis. This can cause problems with your vision.
  4. Muscle and joint pain: – In the form of muscle and joint pain, the patient may have to face a lot of trouble. This is when patients experience joint and muscular pain.
  5. Zika virus can cause headaches. The patient will die if they do not receive the correct treatment after coming into contact with the virus.

Zika Virus Treatment

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (USCDC) has not yet released any information regarding Zika Virus Treatment. The symptoms of Zika virus exposure are the only criteria for doctors to treat. It is important to get enough rest for patients infected by the Zika virus.

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Zika Virus

It is recommended that the patient drink more water, as the virus can cause a rapid increase in body temperature. You should not be taking medicine for any other condition. It could endanger patient’s life. Before you take any medication, consult your physician.

Zika Virus in Kerala

The government has issued instructions in light of increasing numbers of COVID-19-related patients in Kerala. It has yet to be confirmed that any patients have died from the infection in Kerala. Veena George, the State Health Minister in Kerala said symptoms of Zika virus were found in 13 people in Kerala at this time.

You can receive all of the most recent news on Zika Virus direct to your phone by allowing the notification from our website. For the latest information about Zika Virus, visit the Kerala Health Department official website. All your queries about Zika virus can be submitted in the comments box below.

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