YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme 2021 Eligibility: Payment Status

Andhra Pradesh’s citizens have been notified by the government YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme2021. Here are all the details. After reading this, you can fill out the registration form to receive an advantage under this Yojana. This scheme was created mainly for fishermen in Andhra Pradesh.

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme 2021

This article will give you details about your eligibility to the YSR MatsyakaraBharosa Scheme 2030. The payment status of this scheme will be also provided. On World Fisheries Day two years ago, the fisherman got a standing ovation. Shree YSR Matsyakara Bharosa, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh states has started the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Program. This will be a benefit for our fishermen.

Therefore, the government is required to help the fishermen of its state AP by providing plots. The scheme determines the region that will be used. This is Mummadivaram, in the East Godavari area. Nearly 1 Lakh 32 000 fishermen participated in this project. The average age at which the participants gathered was between 21 and 60 years. This is how they receive money upgrades under the scheme.

Although this amount has been increased, it will allow for 10 000 Rupees to be saved during every boycott of the marine. The department estimates that the annual lean period is between April and June. A subsidy is available for diesel types, both on mechanized and automated vessels. In addition to this, the plan increased the subsidy rate by 6.03 Rupees from 9 Rupees per diesel liter for 10 consecutive months.

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Name of the Scheme YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme 2021
Launched By Mr. YSR Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is
Get Underemployed The State Government of AP
Benefits of the Scheme Provide fishing opportunities and good facilities in AP State
Jahr 2021
Scheme Beneficiaries The state of AP is only for fisherman
Motivation for Scheme Fishing promotion
Official Website http://www.ap.gov.in

Diesel is typically used in an automated vessel up to 3000 Ltrs, and diesel for a mechanized vessel is 300 Ltrs. This means that the Andhra Pradesh government has provided a financial benefit to the fishermen. The administration has spent close to 56.53 crores on setting up incorporated water laboratories in AP. The state has 46 such labs.

With the help of testing of water, sand, feed, the seed for the fisherman’s work, the government has to provide help in each aspect related to fisheries business. This scheme has provided good fishing opportunities and facilities to Andhra Pradesh’s fisherman.

The YSR Matsyakara Bharosa benefits :

  • This scheme will provide financial support to the fisherman for the purchase of automated, mechanized and non-mechanized fishing nets. This scheme will allow them to upgrade their fishing equipment with new technology.
  • The scheme provides 10 000 fisherman with Rs 4000 each to cover the accommodation of the annual angling ban under the period April through June.
  • The plan also includes the first time the Komanapalli area in Mummidivaram, East Godavari Area.
  • Before that, 4000 Rs was granted in assistance. This has now increased.
  • The benefits of being a fisherman have been enjoyed by 1.09 Lakh individuals. YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme
  • In this scheme, fishermen also receive a subsidy diesel of 9 Rupees a liter. For this subsidy diesel, the government identified diesel-producing stations.
  • Moreover, the government has established integrated water labs at 46 sites in the state.
  • A clause is also included that allows fishermen to use the hunting raft as part of this program.
  • Water labs are used to test water and seeds as well as feed for water culturists.
  • The state government declared that it has a budget of 720 crore rupees for water farmers to ensure the success of the scheme.
  • Water farmers receive power at 1.5 rupees per unit. The scheme currently has approximately 531,000 farmers.
  • However in case of beneficiaries’ death, between the age of 18 years to 60 years then there will be an ex gratia amount of 10 Lakh Rs.
  • This project has connected close to 1 Lakh 32 000 families.
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YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Eligibility

  • First, the applicant should be a professional fisherman.
  • The most important thing is that the applicant must be an Andhra Pradesh resident.
  • The applicant must also be aged between 18- and 60 to apply.

This scheme will result in the fishing beneficiaries receiving a grant from the government for 10000 rupees. The amount to be given must be sent into the respective bank accounts that were provided by them during registration. DBT allows bank transfers. The money has been sent to the off seasons for fishing.

Liste of required documents for application process:

  • Aadhar Card first
  • Voter card
  • Certificates of Professional/Occupational Qualification
  • Bank Account Details
  • Passport size photo
  • Contact details

MatsyakaraBharosa Scheme Application Process

  • The candidate must first visit the official weblink of Andhra Pradesh State Government.
  • The homepage is now open on the new page.
  • You will then need to click on “Notification Link” YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme
  • The page will then be redirected to your desktop.
  • Before you apply, make sure to carefully read the directions.
  • Fill in all required information in the registration form.
  • Also, you can upload required documents to a specific field on the registration form.
  • Next, click the submit button.
  • Finally, you have completed your registration.
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The beneficiaries will need to wait for a few days. After all information has been confirmed by the relevant department, the beneficiary will be notified. They will then inform you via email or message using your mobile number.

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