Windlas Biotech IPO Allotment Status, Date, GMP Today, Share price

You can check here for Windlas Biotech IPO Status, Date, GMP Today and Share Price. The Windlas Biotech IPO GMP is available here. This is the Windlas Biotech IPO allotment statusIn some time, it will be announced. This article will explain how you can check Windlas Biotech IPO allotment standing. In the subscription period for Windlas Biotech’s initial public offering, the company received 22.47x more responses than the 61.36 lakh shares being offered. For the shares, the price was set at Rs 448-460.

Windlas Biotech IPO allotment

Windlas Biotech was awarded over 13.78 million bids, with more than 61.36 mil shares being issued. Qualified institutional buyers subscribing 24.40 times greater than what was allocated for them. It was 15.73 times more than the non-institutional subscriptions.  The issue was purchased 24.27 by individual retail investors.

IPO shares Windlas BiotechYou can access the online status immediately after announcement of allotment. Checking the status of an application is advised either at BSE’s website or at LinkTime’s website.

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Windlas Biotech IPO Status

The Official BSE Website has the latest status.

  • Click here to visit the BSE Official Website.
  • You will then land on the Status of Issue Page. You can choose Equity.
  • Choose the IPO name.
  • Please enter the Application Number and the PAN.
  • Just solve the captcha now and click search.
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You will be able to see the application’s status now

Windlas Biotech IPO status check with LinkTim

  • LinkTime can be accessed by clicking this link

  • Simply choose the IPO’s name.
  • Please enter the Application Number and the PAN.
  • When you choose an application type, it is possible to select from ASBA or non ASBA applications
  • Choose the right mode
  • After you have completed the captcha, select the submit option

Others Active IPOs

Windlas Biotech Premium Grey Market IPO

Windlas Biotech received a grey market premium in excess of Rs 80. It surpassed 460 rupees in the week ending August 10.

Windlas Biotech reported a 17.5% increase in gross margins Tuesday. Windlas Biotech’s stock was listed at a healthy price. The company will list its shares on August 17.

Windlas Biotech IPO Allotment Status

Find out more about Windlas Biotech

As a company in India’s pharmaceutical formulations industry, Windlas Biotech ranks among the top five companies for revenue.

Over the course of the 20-year history, the company has manufactured a huge number solid and liquid dosage forms. The company is also well-versed in providing services specialized to customers.

It offers full-service CDMO services, thanks to its current manufacturing processes. Safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness are also the main goals.

Its market share within the CDMO sector was 1.5 percent based on FY20’s revenue. The company also sells its own brand products on the generics market, as well as services and products to CDMOs.

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They also export generic medicines to many countries via the international over-the-counter and export generics markets.

Complex generics are mainly combination products with fixed doses. When looking at the FY21 product portfolio, 68.48% was comprised of custom generics and chewables.

Generic products can be difficult to create, so there’s a significant barrier to entry to the market. They require special expertise, both in manufacturing and development.

Windlas Biotech Financial Profil

The FY21 revenues were Rs 427.6 Crore and the profit was Rs 15.6 Crore. The company made Rs 16.2 Crore in FY20 on revenues of Rs. 328.9crore.

Despite restrictions on operations due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the company is able continue to grow.

Operational revenue rose by 30%, to Rs 427.6 Crore in FY21 (from Rs 328.85crore in FY20).

Windlas Biotech Strengths

  1. This company is a leader in chronic therapy and one of the five top CDMO-revenue-generating businesses.
  2. This company is able to offer a range of generics with complex properties that can be supported by researchers and development agencies.
  3. This is an excellent manufacturer that uses a well-controlled and efficient manufacturing process.

Four manufacturing plants are located in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun.

It had produced 7.063.8 billion tablets/capsules at its facility as of 2021. There were 5.44 crore pouches and 6.108 million liquid bottles left.

  1. Company has developed relationships with top Indian corporations.
  2. It is a reliable financial performer.
  3. The company is managed by a team of professionals and technical experts who have the experience and expertise to lead it.
  4. It is a CDMO-company and intends to use its position as a leader to grow.
  5. As the CDMO’s customer base grows, it intends to increase its productions as well.
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Last words

Windlas Biotech will make the final allocation of IPO shares on August 11. ASBA will unblock or refund funds in the middle of August 12.

Investors who are eligible will get equity shares demat credited on August 13th. You can check the Windlas Biotech IPO allotment status through BSE’s website or Linktime. Equity shares will become available for trading on August 17. Shares of equity will be available for trading at NSE or BSE.

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