What is Facebook Marketing? How to Market Your Business on Facebook? #arpit done

From a simple social networking website utilized by college students to one of the biggest platforms for marketing, media, and technology, Facebook has evolved tremendously over the years.

Although recently Facebook got involved in several scandals, it doesn’t seem to affect its users. Even with rumours on security concerns, the users of Facebook remained active for the same amount of time as they were before. In fact, the total active users on Facebook seems to be increasing more than ever.

Hence, it is safe to say that marketing on Facebook is equivalent to marketing on the world’s biggest online channel. You instantly have access to a huge audience base at cost-effective pricing.

In this guide, we will discuss how you can utilize Facebook marketing to promote your product, improve audience base, and increase brand awareness. Dive in and explore how marketing on Facebook can be your perfect marketing strategy.

Audience on Facebook

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While we will be discussing Facebook marketing strategy throughout this post, it is necessary to first analyze your audience. If your audience is not on Facebook, it is hard to acquire any benefit from this type of marketing.

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With that being said, it is also necessary to note that most businesses find a relevant audience on Facebook. And most of us already know that. This is why many don’t bother even checking if Facebook marketing is relevant for their business.

But, you still need to know the consistency and ease of finding this audience on Facebook, for which you need to know your audience.

Recent data released by Pew Research Center reveals that people of all age groups utilize at least one online networking website. Of course, young adults are more active on several social networks. But, other people are also not far behind.

In fact, marketing on Facebook is beneficial for brands inclined towards either men or women. Facebook has equal concentrations of men and women, which makes Facebook marketing a perfect place to attract a dedicated audience.

Simply put, regardless of the age-group, gender, demographics, and ethnicity you are targeting, you can find your audience on Facebook. You only have to market yourself in the right manner.

In the following sections of this guide, we will discuss what is Facebook marketing, how to do Facebook marketing, and how to create a Facebook marketing strategy.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a social media channel which allows businesses to market their products and services to the available users. Facebook marketing can be achieved through organic strategies and targeted strategies such as paid ads.

Usually, businesses start with organic marketing which helps them develop a user base and brand value without any major investment. Once a considerable amount of audience is attracted, the second step is to utilize targeted ads and marketing strategies.

Using Facebook Pages

The obvious first step in Facebook marketing is Facebook pages. It is similar to your personal profile but this is a profile of your business or brand. A Facebook page delivers information about a brand such as products, services, aim, values, mission, vision, etc.

Facebook Engagement Source – Freepik

Any business or even celebrities can create a Facebook page to regularly connect with their audience. Users can follow the page or like it to receive regular updates on their news feed of Facebook.

However, to improve the visibility of your Facebook page, your users need to utilize the view post first. This is because Facebook boosts paid ads more than organic posts.

Hence, to implement this in your Facebook marketing strategy, offer a suggestion to your users to follow you and opt to see your posts first. This will increase your outreach and help you in the long run.

There are some differences in Facebook marketing through a page and a profile.

Firstly, your audience can like your page and follow you at any time without request approval. Anyone can open your page, hit the like/follow button, and become a follower. This is not the case with Facebook profiles. Users can only send a profile friend request to connect with each other.

Secondly, Facebook currently has a limit of 5,000 friends on Facebook profile. But, there is no such limit when you are doing Facebook marketing through a page. Any number of people can like and follow you. Here, more is better.

The best benefit of Facebook marketing is that you can set up a page quickly and radiate a strong brand image. All you need to do is sit down with your team and create a memorable profile.

However, there’s also a downside. You have to work a lot to improve your page likes through organic methods. Unless you are a celebrity or a known brand name, organic likes are not a piece of cake today.

The first step towards creating organic outreach is to create an attractive, professional Facebook page. We have explained to you how to do it below.

Setting Up Facebook Marketing Pages

Setting Up Facebook Marketing Pages Source – Freepik

Most organizations are not able to utilize Facebook pages fully. This is because they fail to set up a nice Facebook marketing profile.

To help you make your profile look credible, reliable, and genuine, we have explained a few steps below. Read these steps, follow the guidelines, and avoid making mistakes.

1. Cover Image and Profile Picture

While millennials and the new generation talk a lot about their Facebook profile picture, you are spared from the task. It is best for every business to keep the logo of the company as the profile picture.

This also highlights another major requirement, having a logo.

Having a logo simply means having an identity on digital media, which is depicted on all your Facebook marketing campaigns.

The cover image of your page is something that your creative team should come up with. Usually, it is best to keep changing the cover page according to the need of the hour.

For example, during a particular Facebook marketing strategy, you can create a campaign-specific cover image.

In general, many businesses also keep the cover simple by only adding contact details and USPs on the image.

Remember, cover page and profile picture is both important for the appearance of your page. Think of something new and creative for Facebook marketing. Don’t try doing what everyone else is doing. Make your own unique identity.

For example, create a GIF for the cover image or use a very, very short video.

2. About the Company

The about section of your company is displayed whenever a user visits your page through a Facebook marketing tutorial or Facebook marketing strategy. You have to ensure that your users can extract value from about section.

However, you don’t have to include every little aspect of your company in this section. Be short, smart, and to-the-point. In fact, shorter but impactful descriptions tend to have a wide impact on the audience.

However, add some extra details in the full description section. It can include what makes you different, how you offer great services and some interesting facts about your brand.

Tip: Always keep the content of your Facebook marketing strategy and page simple and decent. You don’t want to go overboard with the vocabulary or utilize mechanical language.

Remember, it is Facebook, an application originally used for connecting with people. It is best to keep the tone of language a bit conversational and friendly.

3. Posts

Posting on Facebook for Facebook marketing is not a normal activity. Every person who has followed you or liked your page will be able to view this post. So, you have to post something that can deliver value to most of your audience, if not all.

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You can’t fill the profiles of your users with endless posts and promotional content. But, you also can’t post in a laid-back manner. Extremes can reduce your outreach and brand visibility.

Research a bit and find out your perfect mix of posting. You can either update one post every day, alternate day or week. You have to analyze this through Facebook marketing statistics for a clear review.

Other than this, you have to post useful, valuable content. Something that your audience wants to see.

You can’t post 200-word long content when your audience is mainly millennials. They have shorter time spans.

Here are some of the ideas for your Facebook marketing posts:

(i) Links of your blog posts and articles.

(ii) Special offers such as coupons.

(iii) New product releases or update of an old product.

(iv) Useful content such as how-to(s).

The only time when it is acceptable to post a lot is when you are conducting an event and you want to update your audience.

Other than this, your audience will soon report you spam, which is how most of the organizations lose many customers.

Before posting anything on Facebook, think if it can provide any value to the user. If not, then skip the post and think of something creative and useful.

4. Statistics

Marketing on Facebook means you get detailed insights as well. Keep looking for Facebook insights to understand what your users like, what type of graphics they prefer, and what content appeals more audience.

If you suddenly see an upsurge in your usage, check the post to see what did you do differently. This will help you understand your audience and their requirements.

Types of Facebook Posts

When it is about Facebook marketing, the posting is the main function of a Facebook marketing strategy.

If you consistently post-normal but relevant content, you can create a constant flow of communication with your existing users who already know of your brand. However, this communication on Facebook marketing is restricted to only information sharing.

When you publish quality content, which appeals to users or offers some kind of value, you can increase your user base. Just by regularly offering value to your users, you can move them from one stage of the sales pipeline to another.

Below, we have explained how you can offer value to your users through Facebook marketingHowever, before we move forward, it is necessary to understand that offering useful content is not only about words but also about graphics. So, always pair your content with equally appealing and attractive graphics.

1. Image Posts

Did you know that posting images on your Facebook page can increase your engagement by 2.3 times?

It is best to always pair your posts and post copy with a relevant image, which is designed by a professional designer. Of course, initially many marketers utilize stock images or software such as Canva to create image posts. However, as your audience grows, it is best to use creatively designed images because it can positively impact your audience and engagement.

Types of Facebook Posts Source – Pixabay

We have explained some tips that you can utilize for your social media images for enhanced Facebook marketing.

1. If possible, utilize paid stock images because these images have better quality.

2. Don’t search for random images and put them on your social media without checking the quality and image size.

3. Add a graphic copy to your images to help the audience understand your point with the image only. Here, it is necessary to understand that all your audience is not interested in reading the post copy and checking the image.

4. Many people will only check your graphic, read what is written on it, and move ahead. Many will only read the post copy, view the image, and move forward. For all types of followers, you have to create value, which is why adding text on your image post is the best idea.

5. Use a predictable font style for your images. Using highly italic or weird font styles will not only make your graphic look amateur but also it will be hard for your audience to understand the text.

However, before we move with this section to further explore what is Facebook marketingfind the preferred image sizes for Facebook below.

(i) The profile picture should be 180×180.

(ii) The cover picture should be 820×312.

(iii) And the timeline picture should be 1200×630.

2. Links Posts

Posting blog links on your Facebook marketing page is another great strategy. You simply have to copy the link of your article or blog post and paste it in the text box of your Facebook marketing page with a posted copy.

Why does this help?

While you may be already utilising part of your time and money on content marketing, you can instantly improve your outreach by posting on Facebook. Your audience will visit your blog post through Facebook and they may even re-share it. Then, their followers or friends will visit your blog post and re-share it.

And the chain continues.

Social Influencer Source – Freepik

Check quick tips given below for marketing on Facebook:

(i) Create a good meta-description for your post copy to compel your audience to click on the link. Post copy is really important here because there is no creative graphic to display.

(ii) Once you paste the link of the blog post on your Facebook marketing page, Facebook will automatically populate the white box below. You should remove the link after adding the post copy to make your Facebook post look nice, clean, and attractive.

3. Video Posts

If you are looking to engage your audience through Facebook marketing, video is your optimal choice. 


Because videos tell a story and we are more inclined towards watching a story than reading it, isn’t it?

Read the tips for successful video Facebook marketing:

(i) Before you dive in and start making videos and sharing it, wait. Make a plan and create measurable goals. You should know exactly what you are willing to achieve with this Facebook marketing strategy. For instance, increased user engagement or more number of leads.

(ii) Start with the knowledge you already have. For instance, deliver educational videos on what you already know.

(iii) Once you have built a considerable amount of audience base, start creating your own video campaign. Every day, marketers come up with new marketing campaigns to win over their audience, and you have to achieve that at some point. So, start soon.

(iv) Focus on delivering value to your users. For instance, share tips and tricks on the related topics. If you offer cab services, share tips for tourists.

(v) Utilize influencer marketing in collaboration with Facebook marketing for increased brand value and brand trust.

Don’t forget to add videos in the correct manner on your Facebook page.

Add proper tags, title, post copy, and choose the right thumbnail. You can also run a poll alongside your video, so utilize this feature wherever necessary.

4. Facebook Live

Facebook live is similar to video marketing. However, it has some additional benefits. Many marketers use Facebook live to connect with the audience in real-time.

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If your services or products allow you to create or organize a Facebook marketing live session, there is no way you should skip it. Simply pick the trending or unique topic and start talking to your audience.

For example, a company offering chartered accountant or financial services can talk about the economic slowdown. They can offer some valuable tips to users to mitigate risks related to investments.

However, prepare for your Facebook marketing live chat beforehand. Don’t just press the live button and go onboard anytime.

Firstly, inform your audience well in advance. At least give them two days’ time to explore the topic and decide whether they want to attend the live session or not.

Secondly, prepare the post copy just as you would do in your Facebook marketing video. This copy will be displayed alongside your live video.

Thirdly, have a proper background setup for this Facebook marketing strategy. It will not well-received by the audience if you go live on Facebook without considering the background of the physical space or your informal appearance.  

Using Marketplace and Groups for Facebook Marketing Strategy

In the past decade, Facebook has added several features and functionalities to their platform. Most of these are added for marketers. These features and functionalities can help you increase your outreach and audience.

In this section, we will discuss three of these functionalities: marketplace, groups, and jobs. Let’s explore everything in detail for Facebook marketing.

1. Facebook Marketplace

As the name suggests, if you have to sell anything, marketing on the Facebook marketplace is feasible. This functionality of Facebook is similar to Craigslist but it is built into the social networking platform only.

Setting up a Facebook marketplace is similar to opening a shop. Your products will go online on the Facebook marketing platform and everyone can search for the products. You only have to offer the correct description and pricing of the product on the Facebook marketplace.

2. Facebook Groups

Marketing on Facebook with groups was always a major strategy for many organizations. But, Facebook now allows you to create groups based on your brand name.

You should have a brand page for marketing on Facebook. Using this page, you can create a group with a relevant user base.

Why is this beneficial?

It is because having a brand-specific page helps you control various aspects of the group which are related to your Facebook marketing brand value.

Are you confused? Do you want to understand how to use Facebook marketing using groups?

Think of Facebook groups as discussion forums. Your users can post relevant topics, discuss, and you can get indulged in the conversation to make an impact.

These groups of Facebook have some additional features of Facebook marketing pages or profiles. 

The best part about using Facebook groups as discussion forums is that these are free. While discussion forums are not easy and cost-effective to create, Facebook groups are free of cost. You just have to make a group and start discussions with your audience.

Further, you can easily monitor questions, answers, and discussions. This can give you a lot of data for your analysis and improvement strategy on Facebook.

3. Facebook Jobs

While this is not exactly a separate feature, you can gain skilled employees through Facebook marketing.

Facebook Jobs Source – Freepik

Think about it, almost all of your employees are on Facebook and it is highly likely that they are following various brands too. You can attract such potential employees through Facebook marketing only.

Just create an attractive graphic and then post it on your page and Facebook marketing group. Encourage your employees to share the post to improve outreach.

Just like that, you would be able to reach more potential employees than expected. It is highly likely that you would actually end up with several relevant applications.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is not all about organic marketing techniques. Of course, you can utilize targeted paid ads to reach out to a specific group of audience through intelligent bots of Facebook.

Hence, in this section of the Facebook marketing tutorial, we will explore the power of targeted ads. 

Before we understand how targeted Facebook marketing works, let’s explore why Facebook is even able to offer this functionality and how useful it is in reality.

We already know that Facebook has a huge customer base and Facebook regularly collects so much data from every user on a daily basis. Even when we are scrolling Facebook without any particular goal in mind, Facebook bots are watching you.

All these demographic and personal data can be utilized for marketing on Facebook.

Here’s how:

When you set up a targeted ad on Facebook, the purpose is to reach out to a specific audience. Let’s say, people of X region, age group 20-30, and of the female gender.

Do you think a specific outreach like this can be achieved with organic Facebook marketing?

On Facebook, you can practically create targeted ads for any purpose. In fact, if you are unable to find the purpose, you can utilize Facebook’s recommended criteria for great outreach. 

You can set a limit on your daily spends to keep your budget in line with the overall budgeting of the project or Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads Source – Freepik

1. Types of Ads

Just as there are multiple types of posts on Facebook, there are multiple types of targeted Facebook marketing ads. You can use video, canvas, leads, offers, etc.

It is best to check what competitors are doing to understand what is relevant in your industry.

However, you don’t have to follow this approach necessarily. If your team has a specific and unique Facebook marketing idea in mind, we say go with it. Because the audience on Facebook loves and appreciates creativity.

2. Targeting Options

As we have already discussed, Facebook marketing helps you target a lot of things on the user’s profile. But, it is best to start with one factor such as geographical location.

For any business, they know the type of audience they want to target. For example, a business selling baby product would want to target new parents. For this, you can target individuals in their late-20s or early 30s.

In fact, it is amazing that you can target your audience based on their current location. If someone has recently moved to an area, a gym owner can target these users to generate leads.

You can target the audience that likes a particular product such as sports products. This can help you increase the outreach of your shop which is selling sports gear.

Even a writer can target their audience. Amazing, right? The writer can look for people who are interested in a certain type of genre to reach out to them and invite them to his or her book launch.

Marketing on Facebook through targeted ads is extremely beneficial. This is also why most of the marketers focus more on Facebook and Instagram. The intelligent bots of Facebook make it easier for everyone to reach out to their audience – effectively.

3. Customization of Ads

Customization of Ads Source – Freepik

Customization is everywhere. We already know it. But, what good can this feature bring to targeted Facebook marketing?

Let’s find out.

If you have an e-commerce store that is selling sports gear, you can target different teams. You can find out national-level or state-level teams that are playing a particular sport. Then, you can create different Facebook marketing ads for all.

When you customize your approach and further drill-down, results can be costly but specific. You are more likely to attract the audience that really wants to buy or utilize your product or service.

Marketing on Facebook through targeted ads is a strategy which is utilized by everyone. Even startups with low funding or small business owners spending a small amount of money on these ads use targeted ads.

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This is due to the fact that when you combine all the three features explained above, the result is worth the money. 

Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Till now, we have covered a lot of aspects related to what is Facebook marketing, how to do Facebook marketing, and types of posts. However, we are yet to explore how to create a Facebook marketing strategy in this Facebook marketing tutorial.

So, in this concluding section, we will discuss how you can create a strategy for Facebook marketing. Don’t skip this section because this is the most important part of marketing on Facebook.

1. Identifying Audience

We have already covered this part of Facebook marketing above, but we will discuss it in detail now.

To know your audience for Facebook marketing, you should know your buyer’s persona. This persona is a representation of your ideal customer which can help you reach your real target.

Regardless of the domain or job role you have, a buyer’s persona helps every professional who is directly or indirectly related to the customer. This is because you can use this persona to relate to and communicate with your audience in an efficient manner.

The same is true for Facebook marketing too. Using the buyers’ persona, you can identify the type of graphics, content, and everything else.

To build a buyers’ persona, you are expected to do a lot of research. This would involve analyzing customers, taking referrals, and viewing prospects from different verticals. You also need to evaluate everything in relevance with the industry verticals.

Once you have achieved this, you can peek into your competitor’s persona.

(i) Visual quality

(ii) Post quality

(iii) Post frequency

(iv) Content quality

(v) Engagement on Facebook

(vi) Response time on Facebook

If you want to dig a little deeper and really execute the job of creating a buyers’ persona with efficiency, you can use the analytics tool of Facebook. In Facebook marketing, you can use audience insights to evaluate your audience.

Using these insights, you can know a lot of things about your audience, their behaviour on social media, and their demographics. In fact, when marketing on Facebook, this is the best tool to know what type of content and graphics your audience wants.

Just start using Facebook marketing analytics and you will easily understand what it is trying to tell you. The usage of representation makes it easier for even budding marketers.

2. Creating Content Calendar

Although we are currently discussing only Facebook marketing, there are several other social media channels. And a marketer is expected to market the product on all of these channels.

So, this means that a marketer needs to stay updated with trends, analyze market situations, create strategies, respond to queries, and execute various other tasks. How is it possible to keep track of all these things without a calendar?

You can create a social media calendar with posts that should be posted on a particular day. It should also contain a relevant mechanism to understand which posts need changes, which are scheduled, etc.

You probably can’t remember all this. It is simply not possible without missing a few things.

To avoid any issue in your Facebook marketing, always make a calendar to keep track of things. This is as easy as it sounds. You only have to make a spreadsheet.

Here’s what you should include in your calendar when marketing on Facebook:

(i) Separate tabs for every platform.

(ii) Separate mention of schedules for every platform.

(iii) Columns that have comments, campaign name, post time, post date, etc.

(iv) Finally, a monthly sheet for compiling all this data for analysis.  

However, unfortunately, you can’t avoid missing the deadlines with a Facebook marketing calendar. You need to schedule your posts to avoid changing the time of posting. In simple words, you have to automate this task.

If you don’t, what would you do when you have a client meeting but you also have to post at that time?

You get the point!

Luckily, scheduling on Facebook is simple. All you have to do is normally add an image and other relevant data to your Facebook and instead of sharing, you schedule it.

You can schedule multiple posts but always plan ahead of time to keep a track.

Apart from scheduling your posts, Facebook marketing is also about the time of the post. And apparently, there are several questions to ask when it is about time.

When you should post?

How many times you should post?

What should be the frequency of posts in a day?

The typical rule that you can follow initially is to post between 1-4 PM on weekdays and before noon on weekends.

However, eventually, you need to utilize analytics of Facebook to assess the right timing for your organization.

Also, remember to be selective in your posts. You don’t want to overwhelm or bombard your audience with several posts. Keep the consistency apt to avoid losing Facebook likes.

3. Generating Leads

The ultimate goal for every business is to generate leads. You can achieve this through Facebook marketing by:

(i) Posting landing pages.

(ii) Updating blog posts on Facebook.

(iii) Promoting videos with a lead generation offer.

(iv) Engage through Facebook live.

In short, you can utilize every Facebook marketing technique that we have already discussed to generate leads on Facebook.

4. Tracking Results

For every marketing campaign or strategy, you have to track results to know better. Using these insights, you can improve in the future.

1. Use page insights. It will give a snapshot of the past seven days where you can see the page previews, page likes, page review, page views, recommendations, etc. If you have recently launched a Facebook marketing campaign, you can easily know the impact through insights.

2. You can check the likes graph while marketing on Facebook. Facebook will give you an attractive representation of likes which can be filtered. You can set a benchmark, see unlikes, and analyze paid likes.

3. Page views will tell you the audience who have viewed your page. Using this, you can analyze the traffic.

4. Facebook launched its reactions in 2016. Since then, it also lets you analyze these reactions. You can check how your audience has reacted to your posts. This is great for analyzing the user emotions around a project.


Facebook marketing is not just a powerful marketing tool, it is flexible and scalable too. When you are in the initial stages of marketing, you can use organic methods and a few targeted ads. As your outreach increases, Facebook opens doors to several opportunities.

You can use video marketing, influencer marketing, and many other collaborated techniques to market your product or service on Facebook. The opportunities are simply endless. You only have to find the right one for your organization and use it wisely.

Budding professionals who are just entering the field will gain multiple opportunities just through Facebook. The best part about being a social media marketer is that it is not going anywhere. You will always have a new Facebook marketing strategy to work on.

So, look no further. Start here, start now. watch to understand every aspect of Facebook marketing.

Once you have a fair amount of knowledge, join some internships, take a course, and keep exploring.

Facebook as a platform is evolving every day with new features which will help both marketers and regular users. Make the best use of this wonderful platform and flourish your business. Take up the Facebook Marketing Course to become a pro in Facebook Marketing. See you in the next class

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