What is a Blog?#Kritika done

Do you know what is blog , how to make a blog , its purpose , how blogging works and most importantly…how can you make money from blogging. In today’s class we’ll discuss all those things and many more that you must know when it comes to blogging so, baer with us till the end.

Do you know what a blog is?

If you don’t, then you’ve come to the right place. In 1994, when blogs began, a blog was more of a personal diary that people shared online. In this online journal, you could talk about your daily life or share about things that you were doing. Then, people saw an opportunity to communicate information in a new way online. Thus began the beautiful world of blogging.

What is a Blog?

Definition | Meaning of blog:

A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

What is the purpose of a blog?

There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use and only a handful of strong ones for business blogging. Blogging for business, projects, or anything else that might bring you money has a very straightforward purpose – to rank your website higher in Google SERPs, a.k.a. increase your visibility.

As a business, you rely on consumers to keep buying your products and services. As a new business, you rely on blogging to help you get to potential consumers and grab their attention. Without blogging, your website would remain invisible, whereas running a blog makes you searchable and competitive.

So, the main purpose of a blog is to connect you to the relevant audience. Another one is to boost your traffic and send quality leads to your website.

The more frequent and better your blog posts are, the higher the chances for your website to get discovered and visited by your target audience. This means that a blog is an effective lead generation tool. Add a great call to action (CTA) to your content, and it will convert your website traffic into high-quality leads. A blog also allows you to showcase your niche authority and build a brand.

When you use your niche knowledge for creating informative and engaging posts, it builds trust with your audience. Great blogging makes your business look more credible, which is especially important if your brand is still young and fairly unknown. It ensures presence online and niche authority at the same time.

Blog structure

The appearance of blogs has changed over time, and these days blogs include a wide variety of items and widgets. However, most blogs still include some standard features and structures.

Here are common features that a typical blog will include:

  • Header with the menu or navigation bar.
  • Main content area with highlighted or latest blog posts.
  • Sidebar with social profiles, favorite content, or call-to-action.
  • Footer with relevant links like a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.

The above example is the basic structure of the average blog. Each item has its own importance and helps visitors to navigate through your blog.

Blogs and websites

Many people still wonder if there is any difference between a blog and a website. What is a blog and what is a website? It’s even more challenging to differentiate between the two today. Many companies are integrating blogs into their websites as well, which further confuses the two.

What differentiates blogs from websites?

Blogs need frequent updates. Good examples of this include a food blog sharing meal recipes or a company writing about their industry news.

Blogs also promote reader engagement. Readers have a chance to comment and voice their different concerns and thoughts to the community. Blog owners update their site with new blog posts on a regular basis.

Key elements that identify a blog post from a static website page include a publishing date, author reference, categories, and tags within a byline. While not all blog posts have all of those byline elements, static website pages do not have any of these items. From a visitor’s perspective, the content on a static site will not change from one visit to the next. However, depending on the blog owner’s publishing schedule, the content on a blog will offer something new each day, week, or month.

What is blogging?

In the early 2000s, blogging emerged in a variety of forms when several political blogs were born. Blogs with how-to manuals also began to appear. Established institutions began to note the difference between journalism and blogging.

Definition of blogging

Blogging is a collection of skills that one needs to run and supervise a blog. This entails equipping a web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

Why is blogging so popular?

It’s important to mention that the popularity of blogging grows with each passing day!To answer the question ‘what is blogging’, we need to look at the factors behind its rise.

In the early stages, blogs became mainstream, as news services began using them as tools for outreach and opinion forming. They became a new source of information.

Through blogging, businesses saw a positive way to improve their customer’s level of satisfaction. Blogs assist companies in keeping clients and customers up to date. Also, the more people that visit your blog, the more exposure and trust your brand gets.

Personal and niche bloggers saw the potential to reach more people interested in specific topics. Through a blog, visitors can comment and interact with you or your brand which helps you to create a network of loyal followers.

Did you know that you could earn money through blogging? Once your blog receives enough attention and fans, you can investigate ways of monetizing your blog. Through the blog, you can offer your services and sell products.

Who is a blogger?

In recent times, bloggers have become famous for various reasons. Blogging has become an alternative career or side gig for many. Seeing this, even more, people are choosing to join the blogging ranks.

So who are bloggers? Bloggers are individuals who love sharing parts of their lives with you. They post on various topics from arts, home designs, carpentry, and finance articles. Bloggers are mobile and don’t need to be in one place. They live on the internet!

Definition of a blogger

A blogger is someone who runs and controls a blog. He or she shares his or her opinion and knowledge on different topics for a target audience.

Why are many people blogging today?

Would you want to have a blog of your own? Yes!

Most people today are creating blogs for a variety of reasons. Every human being has their own story to tell. Through the internet, bloggers can communicate with a massive number of people.

Why is blogging so popular?

Blogs allow you to talk about any topic you are interested in and express your opinion. You’ll find some bloggers writing on every activity that took place during their day. These activities may range from small things like waking up to major issues like human rights and climate change! Remember that as a blogger running your own blog, you need to focus on the topics that you are passionate about, and through that focus strive to become one of the best blogs on the web.

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Are bloggers getting paid?

Our blogging industry survey proves that bloggers do earn money, but this is not a get-rich-quick kind of profession. Before you can start monetizing your blog, you need to build both your Google SERPs ranking and your niche influence. Those tasks take a lot of time and quality content. Money-making opportunities won’t present themselves until you’ve gained some credibility in the field. So, get down to business.

Here’s how you can make good money as a top-ranked niche blogger:

  • Selling ad space on your blog privately or via Google AdSense.
  • Becoming an affiliate partner privately or through ads networks.
  • Selling your own digital products such as eBooks and tutorials.
  • Selling memberships for access to exclusive content or advice.
  • Using your blog as a content marketing tool for your business.

If you’re starting a blog as a way to market and boost your existing business, you probably won’t be selling ad space or memberships. However, you can create and start offering exclusive digital products such as eBooks, guides, or online courses as a lead capturing tool in exchange for visitors’ email addresses. That way, you’ll nudge them one step further down your sales funnel.

Want to start a blog on your own?

Creating your own personal blog takes a few steps. First, you need to decide on a name for your blog, also called a domain name. Then, you need to choose the best blogging platform for your needs. We recommend going with a self-hosted platform. There are a few choices when it comes to self-hosted platforms, but the most popular is WordPress.org.

The next step is to choose a web hosting service. For new bloggers, we strongly recommend Bluehost, a company that powers over 2 million websites worldwide. You will get a Free domain name when you sign up with them and if you don’t like their services, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


To start your first blog post, Click on the ” Posts ” section on the left and select the “Add New” button. Now the “Add New Post” pop-up screen will appear. Time to provide your title of the blog and start typing the contents.

Once you’re done with your contents, click on “Save Draft” and click on “Publish” button to make your content / post searchable in the search engines.


As shown below, select “Add Media” and click on the “Upload Files” and select on “Select Files” to upload the files. Once the upload is done, select your image to be uploaded and click on “Insert into Post” option to add the image to your post you are writing.


Why we need to add links on text or images is to share your content to other websites or forums. This way you can build good relationship with your websites.

As shown below, click on the icon (link) in the toolbar. Now you will get a pop-up screen. The pop up screen will guide you what information needs to be given.

What is the URL in Image attachment?

URL meant for the address of the particular link you would like to share. Ensure that you will provide http: or https:// as prefix in the link or else that link will be broken.

What is Link Text ?

It’s just a text that your readers click on to get your target link. You may choose some text points like, “Learn here” or “Click Here” like that. Open Link in a new window or tab allows readers to open your linked page in a new tab. Or else they will leave your current blog. Link to Existing content – Search allows you to select your page or post which you have already created to share as a link.

Adding Heading and Subheading in WordPress

As show below click the drop-down button to select Headings. Search engines like only one H1 Heading to crawl. Also, you do not need to provide Heading 1 separately as WordPress will tread the title as H1 – Heading. You have many options to use like Bold “B”, Italic “I”, Underline “U” and “A” for font color. Likewise, you have all control options here.

6. How to Grow Blog Traffic (Audiences)

Alright. Now you’re all set with your blog and know how to start a blog using beginners guide. What else to be done? How you can say that you have a successful blog.

This is the stage where beginners will struggle. Don’t worry, I will give you very easy ways to bring traffic to your blog or website. I will show you how to get traffic to your blog and make your blog profitable. We’ve already published our blog and now we need to think of getting index by Google search engine.

It’s all up to Google Search Engine’s algorithms that Google may index your blog post in a day or it may take several weeks. Google will take the decision to index your website or posts.


Submitting your blog is very simple. I will guide you to submit your post on google to bring more visitors to your blog.

1. Start Google Webmaster Tools to add Your blog

GWT – Google Webmaster Tool is wonderful stuff to let you know all information about your website or blog. Through GWT – Google search engine will crawl your post or blog and will let you know the problems like… Code errors, host error and spam and much more. I would strongly recommend all newbies to make use of Google Webmaster Tool as it’s completely free to use.

Have a frequent visit of Google Webmaster tool to know how google treats your blog. Keep in mind that you are doing a regular task ” Fetch as Google“. This option will ensure that all your blog posts or pages will get indexed by the big search engine Google. This is the top and best way to let google and visitors know your blog through its keywords and queries as well.

2. Share your Posts through Social Media Sites

You must have profiles in all social media sites like, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Digg, Pinterest and many more to share your blog to reach many people. Creating a profile in the social media sites won’t take much time. But this will result in a good brand and reach for your blog. Sharing your website or blog on social networks helps to crawl and index your new posts.

3. Create Robots.txt and Sitemap for your Blog

4. Adding YouTube Video will attract more visitors to your blog


I did many tests and failed and finally I found a way to get more traffic to your website.

1. Publish More and More Articles:

2. More Contents

3. Building Email List

4. Guest Post / Blogging

5. Boost your Blog for Search Engines

6. Commenting in others Blog

7. Sharing blogs on social networks

8. Cross- Promote with other Blogger

9. Podcasting and more…


Now your website is good with huge traffic. OK. Are you ready now to make money from your blog traffic?. I will show you step by step instructions to monetize your website traffic.


Building a database or list means making subscribers to your email list. You should encourage and attract the readers by offering discounts or gifts to convert the readers to subscribers.

How will it help to monetize your blog?

I will tell you that when you may attract your readers by offering eBook, Course materials and free consulting services. This is the best way to convert your reader as a subscriber. Do you really want to see good traffic after your post launch, I would strongly suggest placing a subscriber form to collect email ids and build your email lists. Many Email marketing companies support you by providing attractive contact forms to collect email ids from your blog.


Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways to make money from your blog easily. You will place a set of links called affiliate links in your blog. Those affiliate links embedded with your identification details.

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When a user click on that affiliate link which tends to a lead or sell any product or service then you will get paid commission out of it. Many affiliate programs are available on net and you are free to sign up with those affiliate programs and get the links to make money blogging.

We suggest you promote products which relate to your content. Promote the products where you have sound knowledge. Make sure that your Disclaimer on your blog should not mislead the visitors.


Bloggers, Google Adsense is the number one way to earn money from your blog. You will easily make money by just displaying the advertisements on your blog.

You can earn money from Google Adsense through 2 ways.

1. Impressions Based : For every 1000 page views you will get paid from Google Adsense team.

2. Earn from Adsense Clicks : Whenever a user clicks on the Ads placed on your website, you will get paid money to your Google Adsense account.

3. Online Courses

Do you love teaching others?. Blogging is the best place to make money from online tutoring jobs. You may plan for a schedule to teach your readers or members regularly. Plan for weekly or monthly courses to earn money from your blog through, Online Course, Tutoring, and Webinars.


Writing and selling eBooks make you money from blogging. If you have writing skills then you may go for your own writing books to sell online. If any one contacts you for selling their eBooks through your website traffic then you will earn decent money from blogging or websites.


Once you start generating decent web tariff then you may place banner ads for any product or company. Companies will pay for displaying their ads on a weekly or monthly basis. Many people are making huge money from banner ads.

My goal of this step by step instructions to start a blog is to help my reader to start a blog today itself. Don’t think that you can build a blog tomorrow or next week or month. I have seen people will read and try to know how to start a blog to make money, but they fail to implement. I hope you will surely follow these simple steps to start a website and surely start making money from this website soon.

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FAQs to Set up your blog

To check the availability of your favorite domain name, just visit Bluehost to check the availability of your domain name. You have an option to buy your free domain name when you buy your hosting from Bluehost.


You’ll get a free domain when you sign up for hosting with bluehost. If you’re not able to find your favorite domain name, still you go ahead with the hosting and select the domain name later.

Start with Bluehost and press the green “Get Started Now” button to get free domain and hosting. I would appreciate your decision to become a successful blogger. I do understand that you do not have any idea where to start to start a blog in order to earn money.

Bluehost has offered a Black Friday sale, where you can get web hosting along with a free domain Up to 60% Discount.

You’ve seen many people make money from blogs. You may be thinking that is it possible to make money from a blog and how people make money for living through blogging. Blog helps many people to make passive income while they sleep. People started a blog as a part time job, passion or fun. But most of the people changed their life as full time bloggers as blogging is one of the top most online business ideas to earn regular income.


People are starting a blog for many reasons,

  • Make Money
  • Sharing Knowledge to others
  • Social influence
  • Fame
  • Building freelance business
  • Promoting personal brand
  • Fun
  • Passion
  • Hobby
  • Career
  • Earn living from blog
  • Boss Free life

The reason may be anything above and would start a blog to fulfill your desire. The latest technologies help people to create a website easily. I’ve been in blogging industry for more than 8 years now.

For me, it took a long time to write this topic ” how to start a blog using beginners guide and make money“. I ensure that I will teach you from A – Z. You will learn everything about starting a blog until you make money from blog. I’ll show you how I started my blogging career to start making money. You will learn all about the techniques, technologies and strategies I’ve followed to gather the traffic from 0 to million or more.


OK. Let’s select a name for your favorite blog which is the first step in order to start a blog and make money. You’ll learn here that what is picking or selecting a name for your blog and about buying a domain name.

What is Domain Name & Where do you get Domain Name?

If you type Moneytells.com in your browser to access my website, then Moneytells.com is my website’s domain name. Domain name helps the people where to find a particular website.

moneytells.com – This is the address of the website.

If you buy a website in the free blogging platform like, Wix, WordPress or Blogger then your domain name will come along with the free blogging platform name.

ie… moneytells.wix.com

I hope that now you will have understood and are very much clear about domain name for your online business.

Many companies like Blue Host, Godaddy , HostGator and many more are selling domains. It’s your choice to choose your favorite .com, .in, .org, .net and so on. Generally, .com sites are preferred one. It’s all up to you if you want to concentrate your visitors from your home country then you may go with your country extension. As we’ve seen, a paid blog is good for money making, hence it’s a good idea to buy a domain name starting from $6 to $15 for one year which is very low price.

Alright. Now we do learn how to select your favorite domain name for your blog.


I would suggest you to follow a simple Technique to follow to choose a domain name of your blog.

  • Easy to Type
  • Easy to Remember (Avoid numbers and hyphens)
  • Very Easy to Pronounce

Type your favorite domain name here to check the availability. Also, it will provide you the name suggestions for your new domain name. From my blogging experience try to choose a domain name not more than 13 characters. (ex. moneytells.com) Prefer domain extension like .com or .org to get good ranking in the search engines.

Now you are getting started now to buy a domain for your blog. Make sure that your domain plan has the required features such as, domain privacy and support for all latest themes.

Domain privacy is very important for a blogger as it will protect all your personal information like, your name, address, email id and phone number from being visible online. Now you’re free to scam emails, unwanted phone calls and spam. The next step helps you to buy your favorite domain name successfully.

Alright. Congrats ! You have bought a domain name for your blog and you’re very familiar with the initial step ie. how to start a blog successfully.


What is web hosting? Web-hosting is a Server where the WordPress will be installed. This hosted server will be continuously live for 24X7 to keep your website live. All your data like blog posts, blog images, themes and designs will be stored safely in this hosting server.

OK. Now you get to know how the websites are running 24 hours a day. Many hosting services are available to keep your data and leave your website without any issues. From our experiences, we would suggest Bluehost, as it’ll provide good support for beginners.

Blue host providing many offers listed below,

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Easy to use all settings
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free domain name to save Rs 3000 per year
  • User friendly cPanel

I will help you to learn how to buy a web hosting for your blog. Click on Bluehost and select “Get Started Now” .

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Now click on “Choose plan

Now Select your plan. I strongly recommend to go for ” Choice Plus ” as it has domain privacy.

Or if you do not want domain privacy  then you can go with Basic plan. Privacy is just hiding your basic information. We have already seen the features of domain privacy.

Now click on Basic OR Choice Plus > then Select.

You’ve redirected to the next screen where you may claim a free domain name for you. If you want to claim it now, you can or select Choose later.



Now unselect the unwanted options in the Package information and package extras sections. Make sure that you’ve selected “Domain Privacy Protection“. Now, you are good to select your credit / debit card section and good to finish the purchase. Alright. Now Blue host will start creating your blog which takes 6 – 8 minutes.

The installation will be done automatically. This automatic installation is the big big help for the beginners that who is very new for blogging business. Now your new blog is ready to work.


So far, We are well set with,

  • Blog Name and Domain Name
  • Hosting or Web Hosting Provider

What next?

Now, you would need a platform (CMS) for blogging. Blogging Platform is the place where you create your blogs.

What is CMS?

CMS – A Content Management System is a storage place where bloggers will write, design, organize and publish their blog posts. CMS makes everything easy by setting and organizing the contents, uploading the images, videos, PPTs and will help to control your complete blog with the formation of themes and customized designs.

Many successful blogging platform are available online. All bloggers have their own opinion about their Blog Platform. But most of the bloggers are suggesting a platform. ie., WordPress Blogging Platform. Yes. Most of the successful bloggers are recommending WordPress platform only.

WordPress platform is user friendly and very easy to use. It’s well-known blog platform that more than 30% of the successful websites are powered by WordPress Platform only. In this case, you will install WordPress on your own hosting and with a domain.


Below is the step by step process to install WordPress on Bluehost. You might have created an account with Bluehost. If not, please create an account now. You might have received an email to activate your account.

Open bluehost.com

1. Click on “Create your account“.

2. Provide your password and complete your setup.

3. Now your bluehost account is ready and click “Go to login‘.

4. Fill the fields – “Email or Domain Name” and Password.

Now you’re completed your account and need to work on creating your blog. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be offered 4 steps by bluehost to create your WordPress website. You may skip this step and create a blog 2022 on your own. But we strongly suggest you to follow these 4 steps to install WordPress software.

Step 1: You need to provide answers for;

  • What kind of site?
  • What type is it?
  • Who is creating the site?

Step 2: You need to choose what are the options to be selected.

Step 3: Here, you need to answer about,

  • What is your site name?
  • What is your site’s tagline?
  • Are you comfortable creating websites?

If you want, you can skip this and do it later.

Step 4: Now you can choose the themes offered by Bluehost. If you want, you can select any theme or skip this step. If you want to go for some other eye-catching themes. Once you’ve completed all these 4 steps, the WordPress software has been installed and your blog is ready to launch. Need to be Careful when Selecting WordPress Platform, as WordPress comes with 2 different platform features. Make sure that you have selected WordPress.Org.



  • WordPress.com is free
  • Can’t select your customer Domain Name (yoursite.wordpress.com)
  • Limited money making (monetize) option
  • Can’t sell your own advertisements
  • Basic themes only
  • Not able to upload the plugins
  • SEO is very limited
  • Need to Pay to remove WordPress Brand
  • Limited Storage


  • Select your favorite domain name (moneytells.com)
  • Unlimited Plugins
  • Full control and theme and design customize
  • You can control Monetization
  • Powerful SEO options to get ranked by search engines
  • Good for all types of blogging, including eCommerce sites.

I hope that you’re very clear now in terms of which is your favorite CMS to use. Yes. WordPress.org is the best one for the bloggers to start a blog and make money. WordPress helps the newbies with a “Single click WordPress installation” once they signed up.


Finding a niche is very important as blog template and design is based on the Niche of the website. Ask a question to you that do you really love the niche you’re going to blog now. Because if you don’t like the topic then the negative impact surely will be there in the writing.

Write a topic which you love most.

Don’t think to write anything to make money blogging. You need to more concern in the topic of the blog in order to make money. Avoid writing many topics in a single post. As we found that many successful bloggers are targeting a single niche in their post.

Google always encourages the website which has been built in a single topic or niche. Make sure that you have enough knowledge about the topic which you’re going to write. The niche has to be an interest of you. You should really care about the topic which you’re going to blog about. The good niche should be motivating your readers and let them come back to your blog again.

Blog is the best place where you can express you own thoughts and ideas to the world. Now you can decide the Niche for your Blog. If still you’re unsure about the topic for your blog. Don’t worry. I will help you out for you to select the best topic for your blog.


You may select any one of the topic from below.

  • Recall your childhood interest and select a niche from it
  • Take a topic from your hobbies
  • What is the most value in your life?
  • What is your goal and achievement?
  • If you like sport activities, you may select a niche from it

Alright. Now you’ve selected your favorite niche to write on. But, you may be scary that how will you get ranking in the huge search or competitions. Do not worry, every one has their own style and voice. You will surely get good ranking if you follow unique way of blogging. Once you select a topic and found million writers have already written about that niche.

It doesn’t mean that you will be the last one in that niche. Search engines like Google will crawl your published blog or website and look for unique content and topic coverage. If your blog fulfill these, then no one can stop your blog to rank in Google or any other search engines.

Let’s learn how to make money as a blogger? It’s true that all bloggers are blogging to make money. So, you’re advised to do some research about the niche in terms of market demand. Make sure that people are really searching for your niche / product. Based on the result you can go ahead to select the niche. Ensure that your blog is going to resolve the issue of your reader.


We hope that you’ve learned some helpful information about the world of blogging. If you’ve managed to start a blog, then your next step is to work on your blog content in order to keep your future readers satisfied and engaged. Feel free to check out our extensive list of blogging resources which will help you to run and grow your new blog!

So , there you have it , now you know probably everything about blogging and how you can start blogging if you want. Hope you like this session … see you guys in the next session.

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