TN Free Country Chicken Scheme Apply Online 2021 Application Form

The fastest-growing business sector in agricultural is poultry farms. The Government of Tamil Nadu has opened applications TN Free Country ChickenProgram 2021. Scheme 2021. The government must help chicken farmers to raise, process, hatch, and breed eggs to boost their work. It has been a great boost to the industry.

2021 TN Free Country Chicken Scheme

There are numerous programs that support women’s empowerment. The government is now encouraging Poultry Farming. There are many opportunities in the poultry industry. Nearly 3 million farmers are involved in the sector, while approximately 15 millions agrarian farmers work within it. They also contribute to India’s economy. Indian Poultry has contributed 25 million crores to India’s total income.

This time, however, the government of TN has encouraged backyard poultry farming by encouraging women. The TN Free Chicken Scheme 2021 offers 50 chicken breeds to women. The state government provided chickens and roosters for nearly 77 000 rural women in recent years.

Applicant Form for TN Country Chicken Yojana

The TN Free Country Chicken Program 2021 allows rural women to become self-sufficient by starting their own businesses. The scheme promotes backyard poultry farming in rural areas. This scheme is ideal for applicants who are interested in becoming independent and want to provide equal support to their families. They can also start a poultry farm in their own backyard. Also, they don’t need to go outside in search of work.

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Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister has created this program to give chicken to women who want to start their own poultry farm. In each panchayat union the Animal Husbandry Department intends to establish teams of beneficiaries to make this scheme even more successful.

TN Free Country Chicken Form 2021
Form 2021 TN-Free Country Chicken

Register online for the TN Country Chicken Scheme

The benefits of poultry farming in rural areas

  • Development of female candidates in rural areas.
  • Second, income sources have also been created.
  • It also increases the number of employment opportunities.
  • A third benefit is that you only need a very small investment to begin poultry farming.
  • It also requires less water.
  • This can also be considered a source of continuous income.
  • This poultry product provides high nutritional value.
  • There are two main types of products made from poultry: first, eggs and second, meat.
  • The poultry business finally has no profits and no losses in a shorter time.
Name of the Scheme Tamil Nadu Free Country Chicken Scheme 2021
Launched By The chief minister of TN
Worked under The State Government of Tamil Nadu
Department The Department of Animal Husbandry
The scheme offers benefits Promoting poultry farming in rural areas
Jahr 2021
Beneficiaries Women’s from rural areas
Official Link

Tamil Nadu Country Chicken Scheme 2021

This Yojana’s Key Features:

  • At first, women’s empowerment has done with the help of this scheme. As the development of women’s still not happening in the rural areas. This scheme allows them to become more empowered.
  • It boosts the rural farming of poultry. Because the whole scheme is built around chicken farming, village residents also get the value of the poultry industry.
  • The rural population is also encouraged to grow poultry.
  • Third, the yojana covers chicken breeds. There are many varieties on the market. The government is assisting the state with all its efforts. For rural women involved in chicken farming, 50 breeds of Country chicken have been provided by the government.
  • It has also been determined the area of implementation for this scheme. In every state, the Tamil Nadu government has started this program in rural areas. This scheme is only for rural areas.
  • Applying under the TN Country Chicken Scheme 2021 is free. While there are some fees, most schemes have minimal application requirements. This scheme is free to register for.
  • The fourth aspect is the total beneficiaries of this project. The possibility of opening their own poultry farms has been explored by nearly 77 000 women.
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But the Tamil Nadu government is launching so many plans for development. But many people don’t know about these schemes with proper information. We are here to provide the most current information for all our readers. Find out more about equipment used in poultry farming.

Apply Online for the TN Free Chicken Scheme

Here is a list of equipment required to run a poultry farming business:

  • Automatic vaccinator
  • Circular feeder
  • Fowlpox vaccinator/lancet
  • Hatching egg transfer machines
  • Linear feeder
  • Types of pan and jar
  • Hatcher
  • A needle and/or vaccine dropper syringe
  • Water softeners and filters
  • Electric and gas brooders
  • Automatic and Nipple drinker
  • Charcoal or Kerosene stove
  • Automated feeder
  • Air compressor
  • Infrared bulbs
  • Getter
  • Electric heaters (heating rods and coils)
  • Bell-type automatic waterer
  • Egg trays for hatching
  • Shell grit container
  • Water heaters
  • Automated hatchery equipment
  • Linear waterer/Channel waterers
  • Guard your chicks and brooder
  • With a grill, water basin from plastic/wood/GI
  • Hovers/Reflectors
  • Standby power plants in case of emergency
  • Nest Boxes

For this scheme to be applied to, applicants must know which type of document is required. If you are looking for such information, you have found the right site. Information about the poultry industry document list was also shared.

Apply Online to Get a Free Chicken Plan

Liste of documents :

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At First, Aadhar Card PAN Card
Photo Identity Proof is the second. Company’s Incorporation Certificate
Business licenses and permits as required by TN laws Any other documents that were requested during registration will be required.
Furnishing of the Animal Care Standard is also possible Land for business documents
Bank statement for the last 12 months Mobile Number
Also, please fill out the application form. Passport Size Photo

How can I complete the TN Free Country Chicken Scheme application 2021

Today, candidates interested in applying online can do so by searching for an application process.

TN Agriteach Portal
TN Agriteach Portal

According to reports, however, there is no online application process for the state government.

TN Country Chicken Scheme
TN Country Chicken Scheme

Assume that an offline process for applying has been established by the state.

The department received lots of applicants for the TN Free Chicken Scheme in 2021.

We will soon update you on the online registration process under this scheme.

Scheme Notification – TN chicken scheme online apply

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