(SSMMS) TS Sand Booking Registration, Tracker Order, Status Online

(SSMMS), TS Sand Booking Registration Tracker Order Status Online. Here are some details. TS Sand bookingFor more details, please read our article. All of us want the full details so we’ll give all information. You will find all the information you need about tracking, registration and your status in our article.

TS Sand Booking

This portal online was created by Telangana State Mineral Development CorporationFor your convenience. Only Telangana residents can access the facilities offered by this portal. This portal allows you to access online sand. You can also access many other facilities from the comfort of your own home.

Now you can book Telangana Sale Sand Online from the comfort of your own home. In today’s time, everyone is so busy, that no one has that much time, but all things have become very easy through this portal. These bookings can be used for monitoring and sand sales management. The portal can be accessed for further information. We will provide a link in the article.

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TS Sand Booking

TS Sand Booking Services

This portal offers many facilities. The following information has been provided. Please read it carefully, which are as follows: –

  • Register as a customer
  • Sand order details
  • Monitoring of orders
  • Transport of sand across state lines
  • Register your vehicle
  • Everyday updates on orders, stockyards, book quantity, available quantity and quantity delivered

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Register online at TS Sand Booking

  1. Register first by going to the portal online https://sand.telangana.gov.in
  2. The home page will then open.
  3. Click on “Register” to go back to the home page.
  4. After clicking, you have to click on the option of “Sign up for a customer“.
  5. Next, you will need to enter your mobile number [which is in use]
  6. Once you receive an OTP, it is time to complete the form.
  7. As soon as your OTP is complete, the next page will be opened.
  8. On the next page will be a form that you need to complete.
  9. Fill out the form with your name, address, phone number and email. You can fill in any details that were asked.
  10. When you complete the form, your registration is completed.

What is the best way to verify the status of TS Sand Bookings?

  1. Click on the link in the portal to verify the status.
  2. Our article will provide a link to this online portal.
  3. The home page will then open.
  4. The registration button will appear on your homepage. You must click it.
  5. After clicking, you have to log in by clicking on “Sign up for a customer“.
  6. Then, you’ll be able to select the customer list. Simply click it.
  7. You will then need to provide your mobile number.
  8. Once you have filled them out, all records regarding your status will open.
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How do I register a vehicle with TS Sand Booking

  1. First, go to the portal online. https://sandtelangana.gov.in.
  2. After this, your home page will appear on the screen.
  3. The registration link is located on the homepage.
  4. Then you have to click on the option for “Registration of vehicles“.
  5. As soon as you click, the next page opens.
  6. The next page will bring up a form, where you must fill in certain details.
  7. The vehicle number, RC information, address, and engine number will be provided. Fill up.
  8. After you submit your details, the registration process will take place.
  9. You can also save your registration numbers for the future.

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What is the best way to keep track of orders at TS Sand Booking

  1. Click on to track your order. https://sandtelangana.gov.in.
  2. As soon as you click, the home page opens.
  3. You will find the bookings option on the homepage. Click it to make a booking.
  4. After clicking, you have to click on the option for “Follow Your Order“.
  5. As soon as you click, the next page opens.
  6. You will need to complete the following page and then click the Gate Status button.
  7. All details regarding the order will then be available.
  8. You will also need to enter your mobile number in order to track the progress of your order.
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This article has all you need to know about TS Sand Booking. Stay tuned for further information. You can ask any questions about Sand Booking by contacting us via the comments section. We will be sure to reply soon.

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