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New portal created by Central Government e-Dharti GeoPortal. The Land and Development Office took over the responsibility. Nearly 60,000 properties are under the jurisdiction of this department. The department decided to increase transparency and efficiency in its work structures by using the internet. Everything is now available online.

e Dharti Geo Portal

The campaign to make India digital has been started by the Indian government. Every government department has gone online in order to deliver services to the citizens. e Dharti Portal is a portal that allows for the updating of all records related to land-owning agency centers. The portal provides information on all property-related information.

Thanks to the portal e-dharti, the time taken by officials for providing information has been reduced. It also makes it easier for humans to access information online. Digital services enable the owner or dharti of land to get all details about his property. They also allow for predictable transactions during their property transaction.

eDharti GeoPortal Login

You can find out more about the property and how to access it online by following these instructions. Details about the significance and features of e Dharti Portal are also available online. As online mode has given all the legal information based on your information given, that’s why you don’t need to worry about your property now.

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Online applications are also available for information, such as details about mutations of properties, gifts, mortgages and conversions. This portal also allowed the government to access information about land details. This portal allows for the evaluation of actual vacant property status. By applying, you can get your property card.

e-Dharti Geo Portal
e-Dharti Geo Portal

e Dharti GeoPortal Property Card

Property Card: Key information

  • Situation of Property
  • Type of land
  • You can also check out Property Types
  • Additionally, there is a Property Sub Type
  • Plan Area
  • Types of lease deed
  • Date of execution
  • Address
  • Date of allotment
  • Any court case pending before
  • The most important thing is the present leaseholder/allottee
Name of the Post e Dharti Geo Portal
Launched in Hardeep Singh Puri
Worked under The Department of Land and Development Office
Categories The Central Government Scheme
Benefits Online property information
Jahr 2021
Beneficiaries India’s Citizens
Official Link

However, many people still don’t know about the power of technology. It is possible to increase the development of the country by using government-provided online services. Today, technology is a major factor in development. The internet is something that all people understand.

e Dharti GeoPortal Property Card Print

This portal was announced by Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister. The portal allows property information and online mapping to be easily managed by each department. Normal people also have access to details on their residence, institutions, and any other information for land. Candidate can apply online for the property card from anywhere they are located, including their own home. All the processes online are made accessible by the concerned department of L&DO.

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The official land-related department launched the launch. All beneficiaries have been notified by the concerned department. Aadhar is now considered to be a vital document in India. The department sent the message on the mobile phone number that has been linked to Aadhar numbers.

UMD e Dharti Geoportal Login

How to apply for an e-dharti Geo Portal property card

  • Prior to applying for a Property Card, the PMO sends an SMS about the link to the eligible candidates.
  • The Official Website Link will then be available to interested candidates.
  • They then reached the web page for the e-dharti geo portal online.
  • Next, the registration page is visible on your browser.
  • Fill in all information requested in the application form.
  • You will need to provide basic information and aadhar details in order to complete the application.
  • A form appears again before your eyes.
  • You must verify the information you provide in your registration form.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Once you have submitted the online registration, you’ll soon receive your property card with the details of the land you provided.

The department concerned will reach out to applicants after they have submitted their applications. Candidates must send the information necessary to confirm their registration via the provided email address or registered mobile number. You should provide as many details as possible to reap the benefits. This also helps to reduce fraud registrations.

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e-Dharti GeoPortal Property Card

How to apply online for the e Dharti Geo Property Card

  • Candidates must first visit the Official Website for e Dharti GeoPortal.
eDharti GeoPortal
eDharti GeoPortal
  • The official portal’s home page will open after that.
  • You can then see the displayed map on the homepage.
  • Candidates must also provide details about the address of the land they are applying for.
  • Once you have filled in the details, click the Enter button.
  • You can then zoom in on the precise location to view the property.
e-dharti geoportal login
e-dharti geoportal login
  • A third choice is View Property Card or Misinformation.
  • Next, you will need to choose View Property Card as your first choice.
  • The information to your property card will open after that.
  • You can also see details about the location, type and shareholding, which is very important information for potential candidates.
  • To print the property card in its entirety, click the Print button. You can also download the file to print it.

This allows people to easily purchase or buy any type of land they desire, thanks to digital access to information. The registration number for the property card application can be accessed online to show the current status. e-Dharti GeoPortal Map

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