PR Kumaramangalam Wife Murdered at residence

PR Kumaramangalam Wife Murdered at residence – latest news Updates, reason, full story is covered on this page. A big news is coming that Former Union Minister PR Kumaramangalam’s wife is murdered at her residence. It is being investigated by the police as a case involving robbery, murder and attempted suicide. Delhi police have arrested a person and are now searching for two others who might be related to the murder of PR Kumaramangalam’s wife.

PR Kumaramangalam Wife Murdered

This is sensational news which is reported from Delhi that PR Kumaramangalam’s wife was murdered at her Delhi Residence. Her body was found at Vasant Vihar, where she was staying. She died Tuesday night. According to the initial inputs, she may have been murdered around 9 PM on 7ThJuly 2021. According to police, this may have been a robbery.

ANI tweeted about the same as “Kitty Kumaramangalam (in pic 1), wife of late ex-Union Min P Rangarajan Kumaramangalam murdered last night. According to her housekeeper, a laundryman arrived at the home around 8.30pm. 2 more persons came who tied the maid & murdered Kitty Kumaramangalam. Laundryman arrested: Police”.

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Kitty Kumaramangalam was murdered by who?

Kitty Mangalam was aged 67 and was staying at home last night with her maid. They entered the home to rob it. After locking the door, they entered the room to steal the keys.

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PR Kumaramangalam Wife

Kitty Kumaramangalam used to be a Supreme Court lawyer. Her son is now a leader in the Indian National Congress. He received the news in Bangalore, and immediately took the flight from Bangalore to Delhi.

Her husband PR Kumaramangalam was a minister in PV Narasimha Rao’s government. He joined BJP after that and served as the power minister in Atal’s government.

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What happened to her?

Police say that the maid of the house opened the door at around 9 PM for a family worker. He was the washerman for her family the past five years.  After the maid had opened the door, he overpowered her and pulled her into the bedroom to restrain her. Kitty Kumaramangalam and two more boys entered the home. According to Delhi Police, they used a pillow to cover themselves.

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