PM Daksh Yojana Registration 2021 Portal: Apply Online Form

India’s government has made the online portal for PM Daksh Yajana available. It was launched to give youth an easy way to access training programs. To help them develop the skills necessary to find a job that suits their needs. The government targets unemployed people and provides a great opportunity for them to learn about different training programs.

PM Daksh Yojana Registration 2021

This online portal was launched by Mr. Virendra Kumar (Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment). PM Daksh YojanaYou can find it here. Mobile applications are also available to smartphone users. This has resulted in more candidates being attracted to the Yojana by the Central Government of India, which is designed to help our youth get into work by improving their skills.

The department has also started the PM Daksh Yajana Registration 2021. Its main focus is on certain categories of candidates like Schedule Caste, Other Backward Classes candidates, Economically Weaker Section and Sanitation workers. Candidates can register on the portal to receive government benefits such as online training that will help them improve their technology skills.

Online Application for PM Daksh Yajana

With the support of other colleges and institutions, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship can offer training and technical skills to applicants. To do this, however, you must register on the portal website. You can find information about the programs offered by these institutes. Candidates can then apply based on their interests in the profile.

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With just one click, registered candidates will be able to find out about the nearest training facility for their training and development. So friends if you haven’t registered yet. Register online by completing the application form. It is one of the easiest ways to increase your knowledge. Many candidates are eligible to apply for employment opportunities.

PM Daksh Yojana Registration Form 2021
PM Daksh Yojana Registration Form 2021

PM Daksh Scheme Portal

The features of the PM Daksh Yojana 2020 :

  • The training must be provided at no cost to the trainees in the beginning. The central government must provide 100 percent grants to support the training.
  • A stipend can be given for both short-term and longer-term training programs. It is dependent upon attendance. As per the criteria, more than 80% attendance should be required.
  • After the trainee has completed their training, they will be issued a training certificate.
  • The trainees will have the opportunity to get a job after they receive their certification.
Name of the Yojana PM Daksh Yojana Registration 2021
Started by Mr. Virendra Kumar, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment.
Worked under The Central Government of India
Benefits To develop your skills by participating in training programs
Jahr 2021
Beneficiaries Our country’s youth
Principal purpose To control unemployment
Official Website You can find it here

PM Daksh Yojana Online Application

Training Programme for Short Term Duration :

  • National Skill Qualification Framework, (NSQF), and National Occupational Standard indicate that there are many roles available for MSDE jobs.
  • It focuses on their wage and self-employment opportunities such as food processing and training centers. This has been done with financial literacy and digital literacy.
  • According to the National Occupational Standards and Qualification Packs, the duration of the training program must be between 200 and 600 hours. Also, the duration could be up to six months.
  • Aside from the stipend that is also provided to non-residential trainees, it should be possible for the training cost to be kept as low as possible.
  • For the purpose of skill training, however, priority has been given for youths from scheduled castes and backward classes.
  • RSETIs implemented the MoRD curriculum to design the training program.
  • RSETIs IIE or other programs have a time period of 80-90 hours. This is usually accompanied by a minimum of 10 days. The cost of training is determined according to the MoRD/ Common Cost Norms.
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PM Daksh Yojana Application Status

PM Daksh Yojana benefits – Long Term Courses Main Points :

  • Long-term programs have been in high demand on the Job Market. It also created wages for qualified candidates.
  • The programs are determined according to the norms of NSQF and AICTE. The training is not limited to the healthcare sector. It also covers the areas of production technology and apparel technology.
  • Long-term courses are usually 5 months long or longer. For 100 hour long-term courses, it can sometimes take over a year. In some instances, the training body may also require it.
  • The stipend is also available for trainers of non-residential programmes.
  • The regulatory board, or the concerned training department should decide the training cost.

Eligibility criteria for the PM Dakshya Yojana

  • First of all, the candidate needs to be part of the scheduled caste.
  • Also, for the Other Backward Classes, the minimum family income is 3 Lakh Rupees.
  • For the Economically Weaker Section the income of the family should not exceed 1 Lakh rupees an year.
  • A permanent Indian resident must be the applicant.

PM Daksh Yojana Form 2021

How to Fill PM Daksh Registration 2021

  • For an online training program, the candidate must visit the PM Daksh Scheme Portal Official Website.
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PM Daksh Yojana Apply online
PM Dakshya Online
  • You will then reach the homepage of the official link. Next, you’ll find the link for registration in the Candidate Registration section.
  • Next, click the New Registration button.
  • However, there is an alternative option for registration at institutes. However, if you are applying for the program as a student. You will need to choose the candidate registration option.
  • Also, a form appears on the screen.
  • You will need to complete the application with all required information.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Your registration has now been complete for the training module.

Soon, the department will send you information regarding your training plan. This will allow you to enhance your skills. You can then easily search for the right job that suits your needs.

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