DCB bank Innovation Hackathon


This is an an initiative to promote the development of financial technology for DCB Bank and its customers with help of Fintech. We look forward for innovations in Lending, Risk management, Trading, Investing, Personal finance, Big-Data, Retail banking, Regulatory compliance, Mobile payments, Security and Enterprise social. We have organised this Hackathon “DCB Innovation Carnival Hackathon” with an intension of bringing together participants like Start-up/FinTech ventures, Institutes, developers and designers to develop financial products and discover new technologies for DCB Bank.

Who all can attend?

It is open for all. The maximum team size is four and lone wolves are also welcome.Participants are selected on individual basis and can team up on the spot as well during the ice breaking session.

How can I register /participate?

Register here.

Event Details

Venue : Gurugram
Event Date : September 9-10