Odisha Caste Certificate Form (Download) Verification Process

Friends, today we are happy to share this article with you. Odisha Caste CertificateDetails about form details as well as the Verification Process that the government has initiated. The digitalization of our country has opened up new ways to do business online. Everything is now possible online. The state government in Odisha also launched the digital mode via the portal to obtain e-certificates.

Odisha Caste Certificate Form 2021

E-Certificate is in high demand today. Online applications are now possible for all kinds of schemes, campaigns and jobs. Our youth have also become more dependent on an online certificate. You can now easily access these services through the E-certificate portal, which was launched by the Odisha State Government. There are many certificates that you will need to apply for the government programs.

The people of Odisha need to first visit the appropriate offices for application. In order to complete the process, people will have to make multiple visits for each step. Not only is the money involved, but also how much time they spend. Sometimes, long lines are seen in Government offices for registration of certificates or services. The government of Odisha has now resolved this problem.

Online verification of the Odisha Caste Certificate

It was initiated by Shree Naveen Patel, the Chief Minister for Odisha. This portal allows citizens to access many services and can even apply online for certificates like Income certificates. Interested applicants should register to avail various online services.

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We will be sharing all information about the portal created by Odisha’s state government. The government made many efforts to boost the state’s development. The government has now added an additional feature to this effort by offering online services for obtaining an e-certificate. It is the fastest and most effective way to submit your application.

Odisha Caste Certificate Form Download
Odisha Caste Certificate Form Download

Odisha Caste Certificate Download online

Odisha Online Certificate Service Benefits:

  • The government made it easier to obtain various certificates through the online service.
  • Also, it brings transparency to the government’s official work culture.
  • The most important thing is that this portal was created for citizens only of Odisha.
  • Online registration is also very simple.
  • There is no cost to register any certificates online.
  • But, it is possible to save your time. The person does not have to travel to government offices in order apply for certification.
  • The new portal will provide government e-certificate service under the 5T model.
  • The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has taken responsibility for the online service portal. The government of India also supports this online platform to accelerate digitalization.
Name of the Scheme Odisha Caste Certificate Form Online
Started in Chief Minister, Odisha State, Mr. Naveen Pathnaik
Worked under The State Government of Odisha
These are its benefits Online mode allows you to access all government certificates
Year 2021
Applicant Mode Order Online
Beneficiaries Citizen of Odisha, state
Portal Availability Yes
Official Website Below
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Orissa Caste Certificate Online Apply

Every citizen can access the portal now to get an E-certificate. There are no application fees. This also allows for transparency within government offices. It is well-known that there were some corrupt officials in government agencies. Online services offer better methods to combat corruption. You can even apply from wherever you are at any given moment. They don’t need to go to the government offices for registration so it saves their time as well.

Available types of E Certificate services:

  • Firstly, Caste Certificate: In this online way, for a person’s caste category verification, it has one of the most important documents. This certificate is easily accessible online thanks to the availability of many online services. This certificate is only available to a select few groups, such as SC and ST, OBC and SEBC.
  • Second, the Resident Certificate: Permanent residence Certificate was also considered. Every government scheme needs proof of a person’s address or citizenship of the state. Online applications are now possible for this certificate.
  • IT considers Legal Heir Certificate a special certificate that recognizes the relationship between the decedent person and their heir. It is required to transfer assets of a deceased person from his/her family or heir.
  • Income Certificate: These documents are required in addition to other documentation. This provides information about the annual income of the person’s income earned by him/ her or his family.
  • Guardianship certificate:
  • Weitere Certificate and Licences
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Odisha Caste Certificate Verify Online

Below is the online application process for casting certificate or any other certificate.

  • The applicant must first visit the Odisha E-district Portal Official Website to obtain an online certificate.
  • Next, you will reach the homepage. Click on the link to log in.
Odisha Caste Certificate apply online
Online application for Odisha Caste Certificate
  • Once you have logged in, go to the Login page and click on the New registration link or Register now tab.
  • A new window also appears on your screen
  • Enter the required details such as name and contact details of applicant.
  • Then, enter the Captcha code provided at the end of the form and click on “Validate”.
  • Also, create your password and username.
  • Once you have completed the online login process, click on the login again.
  • Login now with your username and password to access the official site.
  • Login to the website and click the Application Field on the Homepage to select the certificate that you wish to apply.
  • The application form should then appear on screen.
  • This application form must be filled in. Attach the required document for registration.
  • Finally, click the submit button. You can also save this reference number to use for other purposes.

If you need help, please contact the below number for citizens of Odisha.

Odisha Caste Certificate Helpline Number: 1800-121-8242

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