Lockdown Guidelines May 2021 States wise for Functions, Daily Works

This page contains information about Lockdown Guidelines May 20,21. Functions and Daily Works can be found for every state. We are continually updating the details. This page contains all information regarding the Lockdown Guidelinesis provided in this article. We hope that you read it thoroughly. The government decided to lock down all states in view of the coronation.

Guidelines for Lockdown

This disease will spread further if there is no lockdown. It can then be very difficult to manage. Please stay in your home, and leave your house only for necessary repairs. Keep healthy, and please stay home.

Corona – What information was imposed in what state?

Lockdown Guidelines

Assam Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Complete lockdown in the state – Get Assam E Pass

Date to lockdown Soon available

  • In marriages or funerals, only 20 persons are allowed
  • All shops close at 2 pm
  • The following are currently open: Hospitals, Nursing Home, Labs, Pharmacy, Clinic, and Laboratories
  • All offices, government or private, are closed after 2 pm
  • Only half of workers can work in an office.
  • Only home delivery of the restaurant is possible
  • All schools, colleges and universities are currently closed
  • The night curfew runs from 6pm to 5am
  • Two passengers are required to ride in an auto rikshaw or cab.

Guidelines on AP Lockdown

Status lockdown Complete lockdown in the state – Get AP ePass

Date to lockdown 31 May 2021

  • Closed schools, universities and tuition centers are not available for students.
  • It is strictly forbidden to hold public meetings
  • All hospitals and medical shops are closed
  • Closed for religious places and temples
  • Only home delivery of food and beverages is allowed in hotels or restaurants
  • All theaters, shopping malls, gyms, beauty salons, and parks are closed

Bihar Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Complete lockdown in the state – Get Bihar E Pass

  • Open are vegetable shops, grocery stores, and fruit shops
  • Warehouse and storage services are available.
  • There are banks and ATMs open. Insurance offices also have openings.
  • Both e-commerce and media services are available to the public
  • Hospitals and medical facilities are available.
  • The agricultural and other allied industries are available for public inspection
  • LPG and patrol pumps open at all LPG petroleum stations
  • Closed school, college, or institute
  • Gov. Offices are not open
  • Also, restaurants are closed
  • Schools and universities do not conduct examinations
  • There are only 50 wedding guests.
  • Public transportation is allowed for up to 50 percent.
  • Gym, clubs, cinema halls, stadiums, and shopping malls are closed.

Chattisgarh Lockdown Guide

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

  • Schools close
  • Universities and colleges remain closed.
  • There are many medical facilities and hospitals that are available.
  • All social and political programs are prohibited.
  • Liquor can be delivered to your home via courier.
  • It is only permissible for 10 people to be present at a wedding.

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Extend for an additional week

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Date to lockdown 24 May 2021

  • Metro service cannot be used during lockdown
  • Patients, pregnant women, and journalists cannot travel.
  • Banks and ATMs remain open
  • Also, the weekly market remains closed
  • The mall, gym and beauty salon are all closed
  • Schools, colleges, and universities are currently closed
  • Closed offices are also available for private clients
  • Open are only State and Government offices
  • CNG and Petrol pumps are available.
  • A grocery shop, milk booth and pharmacy are also available.
  • A court can only marry you or your family members if there are 20 of them.

Gujarat Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Lockdown at Night

  • Lockdown in place for 20 states
  • Schools and colleges across the country are now closed
  • The lockdown is in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • All gatherings, rallies, or meetings are forbidden
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the Sabarmati Ashram.

Haryana Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Restrictions in the State

  • Closed schools, colleges, and universities
  • Bank and medical shop are both still available
  • In this state, section 144 applies
  • The night curfew runs from 9 pm to 5 AM
  • You cannot leave your home after the midnight curfew.
  • All malls and beauty salons are closed.

Jammu and Kashmir Lockdown Instructions

Status lockdown In 20 Districts

  • The entire market remains closed
  • Only the most essential services can be accessed.
  • Every bank, ATM and medical store is open
  • Cinema, theater, beauty salon, spa and gym are all closed
  • Any function or meeting can hold only 25-50 persons
  • Schools and colleges will also be closed.

Karnataka Lockdown Guide

Status lockdown State lockdown complete

  • Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics, and Pharmacy are not allowed to be open.
  • The public is welcome to attend religious services, but they are not allowed in the churches.
  • Closed: Theaters, shopping malls and beauty salons are not allowed.
  • Deliveries to homes only: Restaurants and hotels are closed
  • Schools, colleges, and all educational institutions are now closed
  • In an emergency, taxis and cabs will not be allowed
  • The Grocery and Essential Shop are closed between 6am-6:30am
  • Only the liquor shop is open between 6 and 10 AM
  • For 50 couples, schedule marriage is permitted

Kerala Lockdown Guide

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

  • Management and construction are still available
  • At any wedding or funeral, only 20 can be present
  • Every social, political and regional function, as well as sports functions, is prohibited
  • During this lockdown, all temples will be closed
  • Closed tuition, coaching and institute centers
  • Permitted are personal vehicles, taxis, Uber, and other cabs
  • The government and all private offices remain closed
  • Also, schools and colleges are closed
  • Open are medical shops, banks, stations, petrol pumps and ATMs.

Guidelines for locking down MPs

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

  • Public transportation is available
  • The government offices close for five days per week
  • Deliveries are not available at all restaurants
  • Still available: Petrol, diesel and CNG.
  • Schools and institutions are not open
  • Cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, cinemas, beauty salons and gyms are all closed.

Maharashtra Lockdown Guide

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

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Date to lockdown31 May 2021

  • Only chemists shops are available after 8 pm
  • Also home delivery for  groceries and food delivery is open at till 8 pm
  • The hours of grocery stores are from 7 am to 11 pm.
  • A wedding can be shared by only 25 guests
  • Only 2 Hours are allowed to be married
  • It is possible to hire private taxis or cabs.
  • Closed to all schools and colleges

Guidelines for Odisha Lockdown

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

  • In the 10 Odisha districts, there is a midnight curfew.
  • The night curfew runs from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  • The following schools and universities are currently closed.
  • You can find ATMs and banks as well as medical shops and hospitals. They are always open.
  • The salon, the gym and malls are all closed.

Guidelines for Punjab Lockdown

Status lockdown Lockdown at Night

  • All colleges, schools and universities remain closed
  • The lockdown will begin at 9 pm and end by 5 AM.
  • Recalls or gatherings of people are banned.
  • The medical shop is open.
  • ATM, Bank still available

Rajasthan Lockdown Guidelines

Status-lockdown Complete lockdown

Date to lockdown 31 May 2021

  • Night curfew is enforced from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Wedding functions cannot be held, and all can be cancelled.
  • Closed religious places also
  • Atms, Banks, and ATMs are both still available
  • Only essential shops and shops remain closed.
  • All visitors from the outside must stay for 15 days in quarantine
  • Weddings in court or at home are only allowed with 11 persons.

Guidelines for Tamil Nadu Lockdown

Status-lockdown Complete lockdown

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Date to lockdown 24 May 2021

  • The funeral is limited to 20 guests.
  • There were 50 total guests allowed to the wedding.
  • Tickets are available for passengers as well.
  • Schools and colleges are closed at the moment.
  • Banks remain open.
  • You can also visit the petrol stations.
  • There are beauty salons, spas and gyms. are still closed.
  • Also, theaters and cinemas are closed right now.
  • Delivery service is available only at restaurants
  • The vegetable markets close at 12 p.m. in the afternoon.
  • All private and government offices are closed.

Telangana Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown State lockdown complete

Date to lockdown 22 May 2021

  • Closed: Cinema, club, gyms, swimming pools and sports stadiums.
  • RTC and Metro are permissible from 6 am to 10 pm
  • For funerals, only 20 people are allowed
  • Allowable for marriage: 40
  • Only 33% of government employees can work in an office
  • Only national highways are allowed to use petrol pumps and diesel.
  • National Highways are the only place that allows transportation
  • Closed schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers, and academy
  • It is only allowed to be used in hospitals, medical stores, nursing homes, pharmacies and clinics.

Uttarakhand Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdown Complete lockdown

  • Sommer vacation for private, government and boarding schools
  • For those coming from the outside, seven-day isolation
  • Open to the public are hospitals and medical shops
  • Services essential are available still
  • Cinemas and theaters are closed.

Guidelines for UP Lockdown

Status lockdown Partially locked down

  • Hospitals, Vaccination Centers, and Medical Stores remain available
  • You can still visit the grocery shop or essential shops like the milk shop.
  • Closed schools and colleges
  • The beauty parlor, the spa, the cinema and theater are all closed
  • For now, online classes have been suspended

West Bengal Lockdown Guidelines

Status lockdownThe state is under complete lockdown

Date to lock down30 May 2021

  • Closed Government and Private Offices
  • Metro, buses and local train stations are also shut down
  • We are closing the salons, gayams and shopping complexes as well as restaurants, swimming pools, and other services.
  • Retail shops are open from 7 am to 10 pm
  • Closed Schools, Colleges and Anganwadi
  • The Medical Shops are Open
  • Sweet and Meat Shop open from 10 AM to 5 PM

We hope you find all information regarding the Lockdown Guidelines in this article. You can message us in the comments section to have any questions answered.

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