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Electricity light is an important invention that scientists have made. Light has also been a symbol of progress and development for both the nation as well as the state. But in 2021, there have some families who still don’t have a connection to electricity. And even they don’t have a single bulb. These households need your help. Kifayati LED Bulb SchemePunjab’s state government initiated the 2021 initiative.

Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana Apply Online

Shree Narad Modi, our Prime Minister has started many projects. The government confirmed with these projects that each household, whether it is in a village or an urban area, must be connected to the electricity grid. They can then have lighting bulbs installed in their houses. But some people don’t have money to purchase LED bulbs.

Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2020 has been the primary focus for the Punjab state government. This scheme played an important role in Punjab’s development. To receive the benefits of the scheme, candidates must fill out the form following the instructions. So that everyone can participate in the scheme, we have provided all relevant information.

Punjab Kifayati LED Scheme Registration

Additionally, many households across the nation will be able to get lighting through an LED Bulb. These bulbs are also very practical. LEDs are better for the eyes because they consume less electricity. People used simple bulbs before LED and they used a lot of energy. These bulbs also generate more electricity than the LED Bulb.

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Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana2021’s main purpose is to provide LED bulbs for people who need them. This scheme covers households below the poverty line. This scheme also considered Schedule Caste/ Schedule Tribe, and other Backward Class candidates.

Kifayati LED Bulb Price in Punjab
Kifayati LED Bulb Price in Punjab

Kifayati LED Bulb Form 2021

This scheme has been managed by the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited. This yojana is available to all eligible families. For the implementation of the scheme successfully in Punjab, the PSPCL decided to spend 8.63 Crores Rs. However, benefits are only available to households that meet certain eligibility requirements. You can find all details regarding the benefits of the program, the eligibility criteria and how to register.

Name of the Scheme Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2021
Launched By Captain Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister Punjab
Department Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL)
Work under The State Government of Punjab
Scheme Benefits LED Bulb for sale at very affordable prices
Jahr 2021
Beneficiaries Citizens of Punjab
Implementation Since last year, started
Official Link You can find it here

PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme Apply Online

Features of the Punjab Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme – 2021

  • Initial Cost of LED Bulb: This is the Kifayati name for an LED bulb. The cost of this build is low and can be afforded by all Punjabi households. The LED bulbs are available at a very affordable price of only 30 R for the beneficiary.
  • Second, distribution of LED bulbs: This scheme is designed to provide low-cost LED bulbs to Punjabi residents. The concerned authority will distribute two bulbs to each household.
  • It is also a safe option. Previous electricity bulbs can sometimes cause accidental fires. With the LED Bulb, government now offers safer lighting options to those who are poor.
  • Additionally, the Betterment of People. The main concern of this scheme is to provide a safe and clean environment for citizens of Punjab. They can also enjoy privileges under this scheme.
  • Fourth, environment-friendly: There are numerous environmental problems. The effects of pollution and tree-cutting have had a dramatic impact on the climate. This LED bulb, distributed by government, does not contain mercury metal. It is therefore eco-friendly.
  • Lower power consumption: The regular bulb, which was used previously, consumes large amounts of electricity and isn’t good for the eyes. The state government decided to reduce power consumption by distributing LED. The LED bulbs consume 80%-90% less electricity than regular bulbs.
  • This scheme has a budget: PSPCL was given responsibility for the administration of this department by the Punjab state government. Budget: This scheme will be implemented at the root level by PSPCL, which has a budget of close to 8.63 Crore Rupees.
  • The LED Bulb’s lifespan is a remarkable 20,000 hour. This was also mentioned on the bulb. Beneficiaries don’t have to worry about changing fixtures at regular intervals.
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Punjab LED Bulb Scheme Form 2021

The scheme provides subsidy for electricity to citizens who are already enrolled in the program. This is sanctioned up to a load of 1kW. And they belong to BPL, SC  and OBC categories can take also take 2 LED bulb at the cost of 30Rs only. It is obvious that the cost of lighting fixtures are high. The state government provided these high-quality LED bulbs for a low price.

Eligibility Criteria for Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2021 Punjab:

  • This plan is available only to the citizens of Punjab
  • The applicant must be from an existing family who has used electricity from PSPCL.
  • SC, OBC or BPL families are the most powerful.
  • This scheme is available to those who are financially poor.
  • The applicant must also have received a permit for 1kW electric load before applying to the scheme.

How can I buy a Kifayati LED Bulb for Punjab?

Document List:

  • Aadhar Card
  • It is then possible to provide photo ID proof
  • Residence Proof or Domicile Certificate
  • Self undertaking form
  • Electricity bill current
  • Photograph of Passport Size

How to apply online for Punjab Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana

  • First, all applicants must visit the official website of PSPCL. You will see a new page, the homepage, on your screen.
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Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana
Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana
  • Next, click on the Application Form option in the main menu.
  • Next, you can click the Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme Link.
  • This is it. Download the application. Just click that.
  • Fill out the form, and then submit it to your nearest PSPCL office. Attach the required document for registration.

The department will then issue two led bulbs to the applicants.

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