Gujarat E Pass Registration Online, Lockdown Pass Status Check

You can check the official portal or this page to verify Gujarat E Pass registration online, lockdown pass status, Gujarat Movement Pass. A few rare phenomena occurred in China on November 30, 2019. China reported that it had identified a new virus, COVID-19, on the first day of 2019. From that moment on, the number of cases has risen steadily around the globe.

Gujarat E Pass Registration

COVID-19 is devastatingly affecting India. From the first wave starting with a handful of cases in March of last year and the country going into a complete lockdown till this year’s February when India reported an average of about 10,000 cases a day. Maharashtra (Karnataka), Kerala, Gujarat and other Indian states have all come to the aid of this epidemic.

The government has taken certain steps to ensure citizens have mobility in times of emergency and to provide essential services. These measures have allowed citizens to enjoy a Gujarat E PassTo travel throughout the state, and interstate if necessary depending on their situation.

ThisLockdown PassIt is very useful in preventing others from contracting the virus. Also, it gives government evidence that you can continue your work. You can apply for the visa to any individual as well as migrant worker.

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Gujarat E Pass

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Online registration for Gujarat E Pass

To register for an E Pass, follow the below steps. You will be able use the E Pass whenever you need it. You won’t have to hurry at the time of need and figure out how to fill the form.

  1. Click here to register the required fields, such as date of birth or mobile number. Create a password. After creating a password, click Save to save.
  2. Once you have completed the previous step, your registration will take you to the homepage. Here you can request a new service.
  3. You will be presented with many options. Click on the one you like. Lockdown Exemption CardContinue to the next step and you’ll see various dialog boxes which need to be completed.
  4. You will need to enter details such as your address, email, and aadhar cards. If you are travelling with a vehicle of your own, you will need to fill in the details of the vehicle and your driver’s license as well.
  5. You will need to enter the dates and times you want the E Pass, as well as the location you are visiting.
  6. You will then need to upload either an image or a paper copy of proof of identity. The size of the document you choose depends on what the form asks for. You can then apply once you have this done.
  7. Check the status of your request and you’ll be notified by SMS or email when authorization has been granted.
  8. Once authorized, only then can you use the E Pass for travelling or it won’t be valid. A QR code is used to verify the authenticity of this pass.
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Gujarat E Pass Status

You have now submitted your application to the Gujarat E PassYou may have difficulty knowing when your E Pass authorization will take place. You can check your status by following the below steps:

  1. The website you applied for must be redirected to. Log in is required to access the site. Verify the status and validity of your Lockdown Pass
  2. After logging in, you’ll be taken to the page where you can fill out your application number and other details.
  3. The page will display the status of your E Pass application.
  4. The E Pass can be downloaded from the print or download option. You may then print or upload it to your computer.

This will allow you to now know how to Verify the status and validity of your Lockdown PassYou can also apply for it to be government-authorized. To be permitted to travel to other places in the state, you’ll need another form of identification proof.

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These are the best options for times of emergency. Gujarat Lockdown E Pass initiative by the government is great and extremely useful in keeping the citizens’ health in check. To be eligible to travel for any reason, you must obtain the Gujarat E Pass.

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You should be careful as many people abuse this opportunity. We hope you find this article helpful in registering and getting an E Pass. Remember to take advantage of the safety opportunities offered by the government!

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