Chhattisgarh E Pass – CG Covid 19 ePass Apply Online, Status for Curfew

Chhattisgarh E Pass – CG Covid 19 ePass Apply Online, Status for Curfew can be applied for and downloaded from The fact that the Chhattisgarh Government has implemented the Covid 19 Curfew to control and monitor the upcoming second pandemic is well-known.

Chhattisgarh E Pass

It is dangerous to take a risk when traveling. Some traveling needs cannot be ignored. Therefore, the state created the following guidelines to help facilitate traffic and social distancing. CG Covid 19 EpassChattisgarh for all citizens.  

An E card is required for anyone who must travel at all times during lockdown. Chattisgarh’s state authorities have offered the following services: Chhattisgarh Covid 19 E PassYou can. This can be a benefit to those who need to travel during lockdown. The E card can be applied online. The current spread status of the Virus is in Chhattisgarh shows that there are currently approximately 12,345 live cases.

Lockdown through CG E Pass

They were based upon the data collected. As cases are increasing rapidly, we must follow all government steps to stop the spread of infections. In India, lockdown was also imposed in Maharashtra (Delhi), Kerala, Karnataka as well Tamil Nadu.

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Chhattisgarh E Pass

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Others have also imposed weekend and night curfews. We must remain at home in order to cooperate and assist the authorities. You can download the CG Lockdown E Pass application form 2021 on the professional Website if you absolutely need to travel.

CG Covid E Pass Apply Online

Across the whole state of Chattisgarh, the curfew has been imposed by the state’s national authorities. The state’s national authorities have requested that all citizens follow the practice to access the CG Covid 19 Online E-pass at the professional website.

Chhattisgarh Covid 9 E Pass Online Registration. Additionally, the Government of Chhattisgarh recommends to citizens that they use the CG Covid 19 Curfew travel EPass when traveling to other states from Chattisgarh.

The citizens are required to follow all the guidelines in order to ensure their safety. This year’s coronavirus pandemic will prove to be even more fatal than previous years. We must each take full responsibility, follow these guidelines, and use the right methods of transport whether you are using rail, bus, air, or any other means. The Chhattisgarh Lockdown By-skip Form 2021 is highly recommended before any planned or emergency travels within the state.

Chhattisgarh Covid 19 Curfew

Learn more information on the CG Covid E Pass Application Form. We have provided ample information in this article. We will be discussing How to Register Online for the CG Curfew E Pass, Steps to obtain E Pass Registration in CG State and similar information.

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Applicants who plan to register for the CG Covid E Pass online registration need to read the following information. After that, one needs to put into use the CG E Pass to Chhattisgarh Lockdown Curfew. It is important to have a valid Chhattisgarh Covid19 Lockdown E Pass 2021 in case you need medical attention, essential grocery supplies, or vegetable supplies. This information will explain who can use this Epass.

These people are eligible to travel without a CG E exemption

  • Patient in urgent medical need of treatment.
  • Expecting a woman soon or are you pregnant?
  • People who travel by bus, train or flight may need to present their Ticket in order to get a CG EPass.
  • A valid Admit Card is required for students who are required to take an exam.

How to get Chhattisgarh’s E Pass Login

If absolute travel is required at any Chhattisgarh State Covid 19 Time, then the Chhattisgarh Covid19 Curfew/ Lockdown E Pass must be used. It is mandatory for anyone who wants to travel within the state for a short time at the CG Covid 19 Curfew. Here are some steps to help you get the CG Covid 19 E Pass that is required to carry out critical operations for your daily needs.

Find out more about Corona

How do I download the Chattisgarh E Pass?

  • First, visit the official Chhattisgarh government website. Then you can use the Mobile App for CG Covid 19 App.
  • Second, go to Google Play Store and install this app.
  • You will need to complete the application in order to provide your correct mobile number.
  • You will then be able generate an OTP (One Time password) and can register for your Epass using the registered number of your cell phone.
  • You must enter the OTP code so received and then move ahead to pick your Epass type of CG Covid 19 application – online. The Epass will be granted only if you have a valid and appropriate reason to do so. You must provide accurate information. To obtain the Chhattisgarh Covid 19 travel pass, you will have to enter details about your vehicle. An additional step is required to upload any necessary documents. To obtain a travel permit, enter the vehicle number and attach any necessary documents. After you have completed all steps, click on the “Submit” button.
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After all of this has been completed, you should receive an SMS to the registered mobile number. You now need to wait patiently for your Epass, which will be delivered at your email address.

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