CBSE Class 12 Supreme Court Decision: Latest News & Updates

The Supreme Court of India will decide on the plea filed by petitioners to cancel 12Th class exams. Hearing was held on 28ThMai 2021. Then, the court was adjourned until 31It is possible toMay 20,21 Court requested that CBSE and CISCE also make their arguments and advised the petitioner to remain optimistic. Next hearing is scheduled for 31 May 2021, at 11AM.

CBSE Class 12 Supreme Court Decision

SC permitted the petitioner’s side to give an advance copy to the ICSE and CBSE. The court has yet to make a decision on CBSE 12, so there is still hope that CBSE 12 will be cancelled.ThClass exams are still alive. There has been much debate about whether 12ThCBSE exams can be taken or not. The parents and students don’t want the exams amid Corona Crisis and also the time is being wasted.

Although medical professionals do not wish to see students, the Board insists on conducting the exams. A PIL has been filed with the court to stop the CBSE 12 exam.Th class exams.

CBSE Class 12 Supreme Court

Although the PIL was filed several weeks ago, the CJI was unable to conduct the hearing. CJI established benches to hear the hearing after continuing requests by senior lawyers. Now, the emergency hearing is being conducted.

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CBSE 12th Supreme Court Hearing news

The CBSE Class 12 Supreme Court Decision is still not finalized. Students across the country are searching for it. On 31 August, the board will present its case.It is possible toMay with petitioners. The Supreme Court judges can decide whether to cancel exams.

 Not to break hopes but we should remember The Supreme Court decision for 12th2020 is the date for class exams The Supreme Court in 2020 did not cancel the exam but asked the board for reconsideration. However, this year’s exam did not take place, so it is possible that the outcome of the case will be different. It will all be announced on 31 December, regardless of the outcome.It is possible toMai 2021.

Justice AM Khanwilkar leads the bench for hearing the Petitioners case seeking to cancel the 12Th class examination. The court should also cancel the 12ThCovid-19 students can save their lives by taking class exams

Advocate Mamta Singh asked CBSE and CISCE for the cancellation of 12ThExam examination. Students are passed based upon their internal marks. We are currently awaiting the court’s final decision. The latest updates will also be posted here.

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