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Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory – Become a SuperLearner v2.5

hallo guys today in this class we well lern about mobile app development so let’s start this class

we first take an overview deck of this class, we are going to get:

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Become a SuperLearner was one of the first courses I took online years ago, and I still love going back to this class for reviews, updates, and inspiration. If you need a class that shows you how to learn effectively and process large amounts of information, keep reading my Become a SuperLearner review covering learning outcomes, pros and cons.

Become a SuperLearner 2.5 – Course Overview

In a nutshell, Become a SuperLearner v2.5 (view course website) helps students to learn new material, information and skills much faster and with greater accuracy. It aims to improve your reading speed while generating an in-depth understanding of the material read. Practically, you can read books in a much more effective way.

One of the most rewarding goals, however, is that Become a SuperLeaner will teach you how to memorize facts easily and retrieve it quickly. Become a SuperLearner is among the most popular Udemy courses and suitable for anyone who wants to absorb and retain large chunks of data.

Learning goals and outcomes

  1. Increase reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. Students will, on average, triple their reading speed with an 80% comprehension level.
  2. Learn and practice a number of memory and visualization techniques to process, recall and retrieve knowledge and facts efficiently.
  3. Learn how to use your brain and cognitive functioning in order to receive, process, store and review big chunks of information in the long-run.

Teaching material – The course provides material in the form of videos, documents, assignments, games, quizzes, interactive worksheets, or online resources to create an in-depth learning experience. Students can also ask questions via the forum, and I recommend making use of that opportunity as often as you can.

Become a SuperLearner 2 – Top Skills to Learn

1. Memory Skills

Processing huge amounts of information but lacking the ability to retain and retrieve it when necessary is not the most effective way to gain new knowledge. Thus, developing your memory skills is the first topic to be covered in the Become A SuperLearner course.

Chunking – You will learn an effective mnemonic method known as chunking technique which is grouping strings or sets of data or numbers into chunks making it easier to memorize and recall. Practice chunking intensively during the course.

Dual Coding – Another focus is on two important aspects of the SuperLearning methodology, namely ‘Dual Coding’ and ‘Brute Force Learning’. Dual coding uses visual and verbal associations while brute force learning is pretty much as the name suggests. Same here, there are lots of exercises to master these skills.

Visual memory – One of my favorite course sections is learning how visual memory can be applied to the text. There is a demonstration of how it works but expect some hard work here in order to become confident.

Markers – You will also learn how to use and improve markers as well as how to make use of creative and logical markers. You will be of courses tested on this to confirm you have understood the information.

2. Accelerated Reading

Become a SuperLearner 2 is also a speed reading course, and this is probably a subject you might be highly interested in. You will explore strategies to overcome learning barriers or bad reading habits as well as to increase the reading pace and understanding.

SQ3R System – A quick pre-quiz on pre-reading at the beginning will clear up any misconceptions before being introduced to the SQ3R system. You will also learn strategies to maintain focus and generate interest in a topic which is followed by practical demonstrations and another quiz at the end.

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Comprehension – Watch the instructor on how to realistically gauge your comprehension. Complete a diagnostic worksheet and a pre-quiz afterward.

Bad Habits – Become A SuperLearner aims to overcome some of the biggest obstacles that slow readers down which are subvocalization and retention. Study essential reading strategies using saccades to make the movement of your eyes faster, wider and more effective. Demonstrations will show how it works in real-time.

3. Additional skills

  • Make study time more productive and enjoyable
  • Easily breakdown learning challenges
  • Instantly memorize ideas, facts or numbers
  • Lifelong memory retention
  • Learn new languages with ease
  • Remember names and faces every time
  • Apply tips and strategies to any subject
  • Improve reading pace up to 900 words per minute (average is 300)
  • Improve attention, focus, and motivation

Become a SuperLearner – Pros and Cons

Overall, Become A SuperLearner is a well-organized tutorial offering a combination of unique techniques as well as proven concepts to develop learning, fast reading, brain performance and visualization skills. Below we list some of the benefits and downsides.


  • High quality and professional lectures that are easy to follow
  • Effective techniques and learning methods
  • Easy to comprehend sections, video tutorials, quizzes
  • Starting skills are bench-marked in order to measure improvement.
  • Simple to download and follow, play or replay lectures on any device
  • Games and large list of resources to further improve skills
  • Lifetime access to all resources and materials including updates.
  • Subtitles: English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish. [All auto-generated.]


  • High original pricing cost of $145. But that’s marketing. Get it from ($11.99).
  • Course language is English only but skills can be applied in any other language
  • Not a con, but you will need to be proactive to get the most out of the class.
  • Some speed reading techniques can actually be learned through a free tutorial.
  • Auto-generated subtitles might not catch everything in a different language.

General – Neither pro or con, just good to know. You learn on your favorite device be it your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. Udemy will recognize where you left so you continue on a different device. Students will get a certification upon completion, however, don’t expect professional recognition here. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

Wrapping up our Become A SuperLearner review.

Compared to similar courses available, Udemy’s Become a SuperLearner 2.5 seems to cover a lot more, introduce cutting-edge techniques and provides practical skills that can be applied in real life. The people behind the course are also deeply involved in the topic and have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist learners.

Feedback from those that have completed this course has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of students, by now more than 150,000, noticed a significant jump in their reading speed, memory, retention and retrieval.

The few that gave negative feedback were rather minor issues and a few mentioned that some of the information would be already available around the internet anyway. If you already have a solid knowledge about the topics mentioned above, you might need rather skip those sections and focus purely on memory and retention skills instead.

Below is a quick round-up of the curriculum and the instructors. Personally, I think the teacher is the most important part of a class as she or he can encourage you to learn more and actually implement what you have learned. And, as mentioned above, ambitious encouragement is exactly what you need to complete this project.

Curriculum – 10 sections. 63 lectures. 6h duration.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Introduction to the concept of memory.
  3. Explore the power of visual memory.
  4. What are mental markers?
  5. How to create & maintain long term memories?
  6. Steps to pre-read and prepare material.
  7. Read with your eyes. Stop Subvolization.
  8. How to speed things up? Techniques.
  9. How to adapt good learning habits?
  10. Implement what you learn. Use your new abilities.

Become a Superlearner – Coupon

Based on that, I’d recommend Become A SuperLearner to anyone that studies or needs to digest large chunks of facts and data on a regular basis. If you need a coupon to get the course cheaper, click the following link to view the course and save more than 90%.

Become a Superlearner – About the Teachers

Jonathan Levi is a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor and one of Udemy’s most popular instructors. He’s the CEO of SuperHuman Enterprises, a company focusing on a wide range of learning products. He also leads The SuperLearner Academy which creates and distributes online classes in speed learning and productivity. These are a much-touted addition to the Become A SuperLearner course.

Dr. Lev Gold completed his Ph.D. in machine learning at the age of 27. He has used his knowledge of ML on human learning to maximize learning results and working with large sets of data and information. Apart from being highly involved in this class’s technical aspects, he collaborates with individuals, start-ups, and companies in various industries.

Prof. Anna Goldentouch had to improve her learning skills at a young age to deal with her own dyslexia. She took many courses to learn more about the subject and owns degrees in sociology and education. Anna has been teaching about reading and memory performance, didactic techniques for many years. She works with government services and businesses from all industries.

Have you taken the Become a SuperLearner 2.5 course? Please leave a comment below.


But what if you never learn that skill becauseyou have an endless reading list?…… or because information goes “in one ear and out the other”?

The way that we learn is broken. In this course, you’ll discover neuroscientifically proven learning strategies that actually work.

In fact:
Growing up, I was known as one of the “slowest” kids in school.
And if you don’t believe me, here’s one of my actual report cards:

(Though looking back, the frosted tips definitely didn’t support my cause either)Yep… the only A I got was in Physical Education.
Pretty hard to screw that one up.
And as if getting bad grades wasn’t punishment enough, other kids began to take notice – and make fun of me…
I was picked on, bullied, and humiliated in just about the cruelest ways you can imagine.And it didn’t help that at times, I wasn’t even allowed to go outside for recess.

All my other classmates got to go outside and play.
But I was stuck inside with teachers… STRUGGLING to understand things that seemed “easy” for everyone else.
Every time I tried learning something new, I struggled.
Every time I read, I’d have to re-read the same sentence over and over again.
Heck… I couldn’t even remember something as simple as someone’s name!


All throughout school, I thought I was just “slow”.
So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was an ENTIRELY new way of learning…
…a way that was never taught in school.

That may sound confusing, so let me explain: 
Did you know that the record for memorizing the exact order of AN ENTIRE DECK OF CARDS is 13.96 SECONDS?
That means someone took a completely shuffled deck of cards, flicked through them at lightning speed, and memorized the exact order of 52 cards.
You may not want to memorize the order of a deck of cards. I certainly don’t.

  • But how about making it to the bottom of a page and actually remembering what you read?
  • Or remembering what you study without having to review it over and over?
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It turns out that the people that perform crazy feats of memory don’t have special brains or anything…
… they’ve simply trained themselves.
So when I say I discovered “a new way of learning” — THIS is what I’m talking about.
After discovering this entirely new world, I began to train myself to learn differently and I realized I wasn’t dumb at all… I was never taught how to learn properly.
So if you’ve ever struggled to learn something new, the problem isn’t you.
Just like me…
You were never taught
how to learn properly.
Just imagine if you could retain everything you learned at a dramatically higher rate (75% more?) – EVERY TIME?!
Or if you could remember thousands of new people’s names with ease?
SuperLearners don’t have to waste time TRYING TO LEARN…
Because being a SuperLearner means having the confidence to go after that better position at work, create that new passive line of income, or learn that new language.
Everything changes when you are a SuperLearner. Life gets easier, and you are really able to do what you want in this world.
Everything is possible when you are a SuperLearner.
And now it’s your turn.


The SuperLearner MasterClass is a proven, 10-week program that teaches scientifically proven techniques to help you learn anything faster and more effectively.
You need zero prior experience to take the course — everything you need to know is explained step-by-step in this training program.

The SuperLearner MasterClass is a proven, 10-week program that teaches scientifically proven techniques to help you learn anything faster and more effectively.
You need zero prior experience to take the course — everything you need to know is explained step-by-step in this training program.
The methods taught in the SuperLearner MasterClass have been battle tested and proven with over 275,000 students around the world.
Students have used the material to excel in about every topic — from building businesses to adding more time to their calendar.


Enhanced Memory

Scientifically proven memory techniques to help you store and recall vast amounts of information quickly and accurately.Speed Reading

Increase your reading speed by up to 3x with high (80%+) comprehension.Ability To Learn Anything 3x Faster

Use our proven memory and speed reading methodology in combination with our learning process to learn anything faster.

Hope: If you are liking the class, then stay tuned, keep learning in the class, then you know.

What Will You Learn In TheSuperLearner MasterClass?

Great question… here’s a breakdown of each section — step by step:


In this section, you are going to get a full overview of the content along with tips to guarantee your success in this course.

  • General housekeeping and how to get the most out of the program
  • ​​Establishing a baseline reading speed and retention
  • ​Why we’re going to use “progressive overload” throughout the program to help you learn faster


In this section, we are going to dive deep into the first and most important part of your superlearning ability: understanding and improving your memory. 

  • How you can improve your memory by simply understanding how your brain stores information
  • How to use “Chunking” to help you surpass your brain’s natural memory limitations
  • The simplest way you can improve your memory: The Memory Pygmalion & Golem Effects
  • ​Why applying “Dual Coding” and “brute force” learning is critical to mastering any subject


In this section, you’ll learn how to harness the incredible power of your visual memory to increase your retention of any topic.

  • Why images are the most powerful way to remember & learn
  • ​How to determine what types of images come naturally to you… and how you can use that to boost your memory
  • How you can begin to train your creativity to make your memories stick longer


In this section, you’ll start to learn how we’ll apply the memory techniques we’ve learned thus far to remembering what you read. You’ll also begin to develop one of the fundamentals of SuperLearning — creating “Markers”.

  • How to apply visual memory to reading
  • ​How you can create effective “markers” to help you remember anything faster
  • ​“Logical” and “Creative” markers
  • ​How you can link and chunk your markers together for better retention
  • ​​How to create compound markers to summarize large amounts of information
  • ​​The #1 thing that makes students successful in our courses


In this section, we’ll focus on how you can remember memories in the long term. We’ll cover various systems and strategies for quickly storing information in your brain for years to come.

  • Why “Spaced Repetition” is your secret weapon to maintain your memories
  • ​​How SuperLearners take notes and highlight
  • ​How you can use “mind mapping” to retain information
  • The 2500+ year old memory technique that you can use to permanently remember anything
  • The “Peg System” for memorizing numbers
  • ​The “Major Method” for memorizing numbers
  • ​​The “PAO” System for memorizing numbers


In this section, we start preparing for speed reading! You’ll discover how to master the all-important skill of pre-reading.

  • How you can use the SQ3R System to increase your focus and comprehension while reading
  • ​How to use perspectives, prior knowledge, and W/H questions to create burning interest in your reading material (even if it’s boring)


In this section, we dive into perhaps the sexiest part of the course — speed reading! Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know to 3x your reading speed.

  • How to properly test your comprehension without fooling yourself
  • ​How most people read, and how SuperLearners do it differently
  • ​Saccades: using your eyes as effectively as possible
  • ​​Improving your eye span with wider saccades
  • ​​Using saccades across various devices and media


Now that you have the speed reading fundamentals down, this section is dedicated to refining your skills and combining speed reading with memory techniques.

  • How you can increase your reading speed by using a simple trick with an index card…
  • ​How to use progressive overload in speed reading
  • ​How you can trick your brain into speeding up
  • ​How to manage pauses to create markers while speed reading
  • ​​How many markers you should have when you are reading
  • ​​Demonstration: Creating markers while speed reading
  • ​How to merge and synthesize knowledge over time
  • ​Training going forward & what to do if you backslide


With your memory skills and speed reading dialed in, we’ll move into other habits that you can develop to learn anything faster and mare effectively.

  • Sleeping and learning: Why sleep is so crucial
  • ​How to engineer the proper learning environment
  • ​How to engineer the proper learning environment
  • ​​Choosing a diet that benefits your brain
  • ​​​On nootropics, stimulants, & other “smart drugs”
  • ​​​Teaching, simplification, and the Feynman technique
  • ​​Using meditation to improve cognitive performance
  • ​How working in new spaces makes you more productive
  • ​​How to use Kindle & Evernote for spaced repetition of books
  • ​​An amazing app to completely automate the spaced repetition from your books


This is where you’ll start to see how you can apply SuperLearning to any subject. You’ll get specific examples from topics that students ask about.

  • Learning One Thing At A Time vs. Jumping From Subject To Subject
  • ​​Asking the right questions and the Socratic Method
  • ​SuperLearning by video or audio
  • Learning languages
  • ​​​Never forget a face or a name
  • ​Dense materials or textbooks
  • ​​​Formulas for math & science
  • ​Protocols for medical information
  • ​​​Templates for legal information
  • ​​Deconstructing skills in the physical world
  • How To Learn & Memorize The Circle Of Fifths & Music Theory FAST
  • ​​How To Memorize The Hiragana (Or Any Other Writing System)… In MINUTES!
  • ​How to Memorize The Polyatomic Ions & Any Other Scientific Or Mathematical Formula
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Check out these short testimonials from past students & thought leaders endorsing the effectiveness of the SuperLearner methodology!


Enroll now and enjoy these special bonuses worth $891!


Don’t worry about taking notes while you’re trying to focus on learning. In addition to over a dozen “implement what you’re learning” worksheets we’ve already included in the course, your purchase also includes detailed summaries for each section. That way, when it comes time to review or refresh your memory, you can do it with ease!


In building The SuperLearner MasterClass, we made it our mission to create the best accelerated learning training the world has ever known. That’s why we’ve scoured the world looking for the TOP experts – folks like 4X USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis, Dr. Barbara Oakley, Dr. Anthony Metivier, and many, many more. The SuperLearner MasterClass is the ONLY training in the WORLD to have such in-depth bonus trainings – and the ONLY training in the WORLD to have the actual, downloadable resources used by 4X USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis to win.


To help our students actually implement and practice what they’re learning, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of memory games, speed reading diagnostics, and challenges – each designed to test a different skill. As a member of The SuperLearner MasterClass, you’ll get lifetime, ad-free access to these exercises.


A big part of the value of Becoming a SuperLearner is the opportunities and doors that open up for you. For this reason, students who complete the course will be able to download a personalized and authenticated SuperLearner Diploma, which you can print, share, link to, or add to your social media accounts.


Have a few minutes? Make sure to check out some of these full-length success story interviews, where a selection of our star students share their journey and transformation in depth!

Become a super learner with these 5 easy tips

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Congratulations! If you are reading this quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, you have already embarked on the journey of becoming a super learner. This quote cannot stress enough on the fact that if you can harness neuroscience to your advantage, the day isn’t far away when you can grapple and retain a huge load of information. Whether you are a student or a professional, everyone has enough brainpower to master memory cells. Learning induces permanent changes to the brain and helps it grow by making more neuronal connections, and hence the better retaining power. So, if you are using the right tools and approaches there’s nothing you can’t do. With this in mind, let’s see some of the easy and effective methods to become a super learner.

Read read read

Reading is a vigorous exercise for the brain. The most successful people are passionate about reading and dedicated to lifelong learning. Whether it’s Elon Musk who reads 2 books a day or Bill Gates who reads 50 books a year, they don’t take reading as a chore. Reading enriches your brain with new thoughts, ideas, and theories. Build a habit of reading daily; the more you read the faster you will read and who knows you are the next one in the list of super learners?

But Input matters 

Quality matters more than quantity. Learning should be deep. The quality of input should be high. It’s okay even if you are able to read a single book in a fortnight but make sure you consume it nicely instead of focusing on skimming 3 books meanwhile. Don’t run after speed reading. If you want to read more, read regularly, and appreciate what you read.

Reflect and implement

How many hours do you spend on learning and executing what you have learned? Well, people give their brains a lot of input to process but what about generating the output? Ideally, one should put twice the efforts on output as compared to the input. Implement new skills you have learned or use that new language often, make the learning process bigger and better by adding your own thoughts to it. Create, innovate, and let the learning get absorbed deep into the memory cells.

Skip multitasking

If you want to hack your learning skills, shun the habit of multitasking. For taking your memory into an entirely new level, give undivided attention to your read and avoid disrupting the quality of your input. A solid comprehension and effective absorption are only possible if you do single-tasking. Remember that multitasking while reading is no lesser than brain drain!

Strategic breaks

Exhilarated and raring to become a super-learner? Then here is a tip you must follow before giving this idea a green light. Make the process strategic. Rather than delving straight into reading and learning for 3 hours a day, split the whole period into smaller sections for successful memorization. Try by planning for 6 days, 30 minutes per day. Because it’s not just learning or reading, one also needs to give time to strengthen memory encoding to become a super-learner.

Did You Know?

There are some exciting online courses and apps that claim to boost memory and impart super-learning. So why not make the best use of the internet instead of getting sucked into social media the entire day. Here are some suggestions:1. Super Learning: The Complete Accelerated Learning Course

  • Offered by: Udemy
  • Fees: A great discount on the marked price
  • Duration: 3 hours

2. Become a SuperLearner – The Master Class

  • Offered by:  Superhuman Academy
  • Fees: Different plans for lifetime access and an all-access pass
  • Duration: 10 weeks (30 minutes per day)

3. Super-learning systems

  • Offered by: Institute of Human Memory Development International
  • Fees: USD 200 for 7 courses each
  • Duration: 30 hours session for each course

4. SuperLearning Brain Stimulation

  • Offered by: NeuroProgrammer
  • Fees: Free 
  • This app has 7 sessions with different parameters along with a customizable session

There is a deep pleasure in learning something new. But to achieve successful results from these tips, you have to put in sincere efforts. There is a possibility that before developing a habit, you might feel stressed and drop the idea (which is usually 2 weeks as per the studies). Don’t worry, we have got your back! From day one, make this as your mantra:I have to aim big with small and daily steps.It will be just a matter of time when you will come out with flying colors. Oops! It may sound better if we say it as a super learner.

Hope you have understood completely what we have been told in this class….If yes then also join our upcoming classes and share your feed.Thank you

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