Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme: Agriculture Beneficiary list

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme was launched by Assam’s state government to help farmers. Assam Tractor Yojana is launched under “Chief Minister’s Village Development Scheme (CMSGUY)”. It aims to assist the farmers by providing them with assistance. The income will also be increased. The scheme will increase the farmer’s income by doubling it by 2022.

Assam Tractor Distribution List 2021

This scheme will provide tractors, and other accessories to all villages that produce revenue. State government will subsidise the purchase of tractors and tools. The first phase of the project will see distribution of around 10,109 tractor across Assam. The article contains all information about the scheme.

To learn more about eligibility, the subsidy factors and the online application, read the entire article. More about the scheme – Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme will cover around 2700 villages across the state. Farmers will become self-sufficient, and income will increase through the scheme.

Distribution Status for Assam Tractors 2021

If farmers follow the program properly, they will reap the benefits and be financially stable. Farmers will use the tractors for their agricultural work, which will help to develop the state. The state government allocated Rs. 1000 crore to the scheme in order for it to be implemented successfully. Assam tractor distribution scheme list village wise.

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This scheme will benefit the state’s farmers. Public money will pay for the accessories. The scheme beneficiaries should make sure that the tractor equipment is properly used. Framers’ activities will be closely monitored. Farmers will also be informed about the scheme and its benefits. For this purpose, the Department of agriculture has been created by the state government.

Assam Tractor Distribution
Distribution of Assam Tractors

Assam CMSGUY Beneficiary Liste

Also, the State Government must submit a report to the Department of Agriculture about the beneficiaries’ activities. The Department of Agriculture will receive this report every three months. The government will supply tractors for every income village to farmers under this scheme. Beneficiaries can get more information regarding the scheme at

Highlights from the Scheme

  • Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme launched by the Assam State Government.
  • State farmers are the beneficiaries.
  • Registering under the scheme can be done online.
  • This scheme has the primary objective to give tractors to farmers in order to support the overall development and growth of the state.
  • The scheme will provide benefits to farmers in the form subsidy on tractor purchases.
  • The official website for the scheme is
Schema CMSGUY Assam Tractor Scheme
Unter Assam State Government
Register online Subsidy online for Assam Tractor
Official Portal
Liste Assam Tractor Distribution List village wise

Assam Tractor Yojana list 2021

Accessory under the scheme

Accessories included in the scheme are the tractor units provided for each revenue village. Along with general accessories, the tractor unit will range from 35 to 55 horsepower. These accessories and the implants will be able to fulfill different crop requirements.

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These accessories are general and may be purchased under the Scheme.

  • Trailering Hook
  • Stabilizer Assembly
  • Attachment of the hitch
  • Hood
  • Tool kit

The scheme requires that implants should match.

  • Rotavator
  • Disc harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Trailer
  • Cagle wheel (single couple)

Assam Agriculture Beneficiary list 2021

Assam Tractor Yojana eligibility criteria

Eligibility requirements must be met by beneficiaries to qualify for the scheme. Below are the criteria.

  • It is intended for residents of Assam.
  • The farmer applicant should also be eligible for the program.
  • A farmer cannot be included in the scheme.
  • The scheme is only available to 8-10 adult farmers living in the same village.
  • Each farmer group should share a bank account.
  • Each farmer must submit a request to the program for cultivation of crops and land. The application form should be signed by all members.
  • The scheme is only open to one family member.

Check Assam Tractor scheme Documents required

These are the main documents that will be required to implement the scheme.

  • Every member has a Aadhar card
  • Each member’s residential certificate or domicile certificate
  • Candidats will need an identity card (or photo ID)
  • Each member’s PAN card

Attach all required documents to the application.

Subsidy Application Online for Assam Tractor

How do you apply for the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

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Once you have met the eligibility requirements, follow these steps to submit your application for the scheme. These steps can be found below.

  • Farmers will receive details about the DOA from the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture will provide these details via advertisement, radio, television, or other media.
CMSGUY Assam Beneficiary List 2021
CMSGUY Assam Beneficiary Listing 2021
  • Farmers will receive information about the start of registration for the scheme.
CMSGUY Apply online
CMSGUY Apply Online
  • All farmers must submit their application using the exact same format. Submit the completed application to your district agricultural officer. He will then forward it to DLC.
  • DLC will approve one group with 8-10 members, each village member. The waiting list for the tractor/accessories should not exceed 10%.
  • On the basis of application forms submitted by the group members, and DLC finalization will take place.
  • The member secretary will inform the select groups about the scheme.
  • Each group should download and complete the application form for the scheme.

CMSGUY Tractor Subsidy Statute

A 70% subsidy is provided for the purchase of the tractor unit, as well as the obligatory accessories. A maximum subsidy of Rs.5.50 million will be provided. It is not allowed to exceed that amount. A maximum of 20%, or 30%, will be given to the group as loans by the government. The remaining 10% will be paid out by the group in the framework.

Banks will provide the loan to purchase the tractor unit. The scheme website contains all the details.

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