Affordable Rental Housing Complex Registration

Affordable Rental Housing Complex is part of a central government program. Pradhan Mantri Awasyjana also forms part of this program. ARHC schemeIt will certainly have been a benefit for workers who are migrants. This Scheme allows migrants to rent accommodation for a low price. The scheme allows workers of the labor class to pay lower rents for their houses and can spend more money on household chores.

ARHC Scheme Apply Online in 2021

People who wish to take advantage of the ARHC facility may apply via their official website. The official ARHC website has the application form. To be eligible for this service, applicants must belong to the labor class. The annual income must not exceed 1 lakh annually. So that you are able to fill out the registration correctly, we will guide you on how to do it. Then, you can use the facility at your convenience.

ARHC Scheme’s Main Motive: The amazing scheme was created by the central government, under the leadership of Mr. Narender Modi. But, government continues to find new ways to assist the needy and poor. It is one of the most popular schemes to help those in need. Renting at an affordable price can help you save even more, especially for those in the labor market.

Registry of Affordable Rental Housing Communities

Although, the ARHC scheme will give benefits to EWS and LIG who are living in modern cities and can’t afford high rent. The central government approved the Affordable Rental Housing Scheme on July 8.Th2020 in covid tenure Find out more information regarding eligibility criteria and registration. Please take the time to read through our information.

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This program will follow a Public Partnership approach. The process for applying to rent a home by applying online and offline is still unknown. Once the applications are received, the registration will open. You will be provided with detailed information about the scheme. This yojana was also created because many Pandemic-related workers have lost their jobs.

ARHC Scheme Apply online
ARHC Scheme Application Online

ARHC Scheme Online Registration 2021

Two models will be used to implement the ARHC scheme:

  • Public-Private Partnerships and Public Agencies allow for the conversion of vacant government funded houses into ARHCs.
  • Public/Private Entities are able to construct, operate and maintain ARHCs in their own land.

Due to this, many laborers returned to their villages as they don’t have work to do. Because they don’t have work and they are not able to fulfill their daily needs. They need this scheme to be a priority. This scheme requires applicants to have identification cards, address proof, email ID and photographs. We will soon share additional details as the government updates us about this scheme.

Name of the scheme Affordable Housing Scheme for Rent 2021
ARHC Program 2021
Launched By Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Worked under The Central Government of India
The Benefits of the Scheme In order to provide housing for the most affordable people in an area
Jahr 2021
Deadline for Application Submission Coming soon
Beneficiaries India’s poor
Official Website
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ARHC Scheme Application Form

The scheme covers the following categories of persons:

  • EWS
  • LIG
  • Street Vendors
  • Industrial Worker
  • Migration
  • Rickshaw-pullers
  • Market and Trade Association
  • Hospital workers
  • Employees in the Hospitality Sector
  • Students
  • Basic Service Provider
  • Teacher
  • Health institution employee
  • Long Term Tourist Visitors
  • Other vulnerable groups are also included in this scheme.

Union Cabinet approved also a scheme to rent affordable rental housing to approximately 3 lakh urban migrants. Pradhan Mantri Aswas Yojana has approved the scheme. However, the urban people have been taken up to provide dignified and affordable living spaces to varied groups of urban migrants and poor including industrial & construction workers.

Portal for the ARHC Scheme

Principal Objective of the Scheme:

  • In the beginning, government plans were to create houses on vacant land.
  • You then assisted under Atma Nirbhar Bharat, the central government. This campaign was initiated by Prime Minister of India.
  • This also benefits the workforce.
  • It also creates a supportive environment for those living below the poverty line.
  • A goal has been set by the government for affordable housing in all areas of our country.
  • Additionally, this scheme provides low-cost rental homes to Indian migrants as well as poor individuals.
  • This scheme creates leverage that allows for investments.

ARHC Yojana 2021: List of countries that are joining it

Andhra Pradesh Haryana Karnataka Meghalaya
Himachal Pradesh Assam Nagaland Odisha
Kerala Madhya Pradesh Bihar Punjab
Mizoram Uttarakhand Rajasthan Gujarat
Telangana Sikkim Uttar Pradesh Chandigarh
Puducherry Tamil Nadu Daman and Diu Tripura
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ARHC Scheme 2020 Eligible Candidate:

  • First, applicants must come from either the Economically Weaker Section or the Lower Income Groups in order to apply under this scheme.
  • Many poor people live in cities and migrate to urban.
  • These LIG families also define households that earn between Rs 3 Lakh and 6 Lakh Rupees per annum.

ARHC Scheme Online

Fill out the Affordable Rental Housing Complex Registration form 2021.

  • First, all applicants from private or public entities must visit the ARHC Scheme Portal Official Website.
ARHC Scheme Portal online
Online Portal for the ARHC Scheme
  • Now, you can see the homepage for ARHC.
  • Next, click on the link to register online.
  • Also, applicants can register as Affordable Rental Housing Complexes.
  • You need to make that choice.
  • After you have completed the above, the form can be viewed on the next page.
ARHC Online Registration form
Register Online for ARHC
  • Enter all details. Then, you will need to upload all the documents required to register for ARHC Yojana.
  • Also, you need to select some option given such as Name of the business  or Enterprises
  • Next, choose the type of organization or business.
  • You will also need your registered address.
  • Also, a postcode is required.
  • Then, the name and address of the applicant. Also Aadhar number details.
  • You will also need a mobile phone number or email id.
  • Last, enter the captcha code mentioned below. Click on the submit button.

For any questions regarding this scheme please call the following helpline number, or send an email.

ARHC Helpline number: 011-23063266, 23063285, or 8130653741

Email ID [email protected]

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